Painter Top Tips featuring Painter Master Aaron Rutten

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Painter Master Aaron Rutten is an artist and YouTube creator who is passionate about getting people into digital art and helping them become better artists. Join Aaron for an unforgettable webinar that will teach you the top tricks for mastering Corel Painter.

You’ll learn:
How to make adjustments to your artwork if you don’t get it right the first time
How to leverage the power and flexibility of layers
How to make your brushes more expressive
How to customize Corel Painter to streamline your workflow


4 thoughts on “Painter Top Tips featuring Painter Master Aaron Rutten”

  1. When I first saw the variety of brushes in Corel Painter 2017, I purchased. The "problem" now is realizing all the tools of Corel Painter 2018 and to unleash its full potential. I dapple here, and there, but the hours pass and I only have a few hours each day and week to focus entirely on Corel Painter and I realize I learn little as the months pass. Aaron, skip the basic Corel Painter 101 stuff, get to the meat of Corel Painter's power. Those panels of the many tools of Corel Painter take so much time to fiddle with each one, and then to realize what they can do or don't do, and you are the expert with a want to teach others. The basics are easy to figure out but the various functions of the many panels need exploration for the novice to realize the full potential and power of what Corel Painter is. Similar to the more you dig down to learn of all the tools and functions within Photoshop and Illustrator the more efficient an illustrator you become. Efficient meaning the amount of energy put into the system in regards to the amount of productivity. In other words, it takes too much time to become aware of and then feel confident utilizing the functions of Corel Painter.Always so many mistakes and not what I intended by checking this box or that. So skip the basics; get to the meat of Corel Painter. The tool boxes and panels are not intuitive to realize what they do and can be brought to what one wants to do.

    The idiosyncratics of Corel Painter is what one wants to be taught. The basics of every software are everywhere.

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