Online Marketing Strategies For 2016 – Martin Holsinger

Hey there. In this video you will learn 12 ways to build your online presence this year. There are so many ways to market your business online. How do you know which online marketing strategies to focus on? This video will show you what’s working in 2016. And how to do it.

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I’ll start with the free strategies.

7 Free Online Marketing Strategies for 2016.

#1 Blogging Regularly.
Blogging is still very, very important for marketing your small business, and the reason is because a blog is online real estate that you own and control. Blogging is simply giving relevant information which answers people’s questions online.

#2 YouTube Video Marketing.
Craig Heffernan has an awesome YouTube channel, and in his YouTube channel he has a lot of video’s that he’s created as tutorials.

In his video, “How to Build a Deck Around a Pool” ) Craig has created an excellent tutorial showing how he builds it. And he’s got almost 3 million views on this video alone.

As you can see, YouTube marketing is a very effective and powerful way to grow your online presence.

#3 Instagram Marketing.
For this example, we’re looking at the channel of Tyler Grace from He has a beautiful channel on Instagram. He posts pictures of his work. He is a talented craftsman, creating beautiful carpentry and craftsmanship. He has 3,600 followers and over 420 posts.

Tyler Grace instagram channel for remodelers

I looked up his channel on Iconosquare. I can see that he gets an average of 150 likes per post and an average of 20 comments per post. That means this guy’s very engaged. He has an audience that’s very engaged, and his Instagram channel is doing very well.

#4 Periscoping for Business.
Live video is on the rise. We have Facebook Livestream. We have Periscope. We have Blab. We have Meerkat, and there’s a host of new platforms that just came out last year.

These live video platforms are growing exponentially.

This would be a way for you to grow your audience through authenticity. Simply by getting in front of the camera, being real, being you, and telling people what you know. You will build your audience.

#5 Start Podcasting.
Podcasting is also on the rise. Yes, podcasting is old technology, but if there’s a fresh insurgence of podcasts, and podcast listeners now.

I don’t have enough room in this description box to give you the rest of the tips…

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