Online Lead Generation for Weight Loss / Medispa Clinic

Want to learn how I generated 92 leads in 7 days for a local business?

Get $100 off the course and learn the step by step system on how to generate leads for your local business here:

The most up to date FB Ads for local business course in 2017.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* First I will walk you through some local Facebook ad campaigns like how a cosmetic clinic was able to generate 92 clients leads in 7 days

* The 6 Steps to Creating Successful Local Facebook Ads strategy guide that you must get right before launching any ads

* How to craft an irresistible offer or low priced entry to get your Facebook ad high click through rates and low cost per leads

* An effective FB Ad copy formula for writing your Facebook ad copy even if you’re not a copywriter

* How to install your Facebook pixels so that you can track your website visitors, create custom audiences, retarget existing website visitors and allow facebook to optimise for conversions.

* How to setup your Facebook campaign structure properly and name your ads in a systematic way to help you keep organised

* The different types of ad campaigns objectives you should be running and what ad type to start out

* How you should set up Facebook targeting for your local business in in a simple yet “no brainer” way.

* How to optimize, split test and scale out your local Facebook Ad campaigns in a systematic way to get you the lowest cost per lead and the highest ROI

* The daily budget you should start off and how to increase your budget effectively

* How to create ads in a step by step manner and track those ads with UTM parameter tracking so that the data flows into Google Analytics

* How to create simple local business Sales Funnels that generate leads and converts them into customer for you.

* Learn the different types offers that is effective for different types of local business like what type of offer you should run for a chiropractor or for a dentist

* How to use Active Campaign as your autoresponder and set up “Automations” to help you automate email followup and remind clients to take action.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to setup Facebook ad campaigns that generate leads in as quickly as 24 hours of running your ad.


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