No Ebay No Amazon More Money

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25 thoughts on “No Ebay No Amazon More Money”

  1. I just stated on eBay, Amazon and Poshmark because I have to start somewhere but I am taking you advice to build a big enough following to drive customers to my own website and Instagram page. I gotta start somewhere but now that I’ve taken your advice there will be an end game! As far as flee markets, please consider doing videos about that market because there is $$$ to be made and I’m not too good to start from the bottom

  2. Just want to add for some things, collectible pop culture, comics and vintage toys, say, eBay is still great for me… Large audience who fight for rare stuff… Quick turnover and no overhead for low cost…

  3. Im late on your channel but ebay sent me a temporary restriction so its time. I like how you said it makes you "intellectually lazy". I worked hard on my postings but after a while most of it became copy and paste. I posted and ebay did the rest. But let me tell you, i did right by the customers. Ebay is losing a muthafukin Boss in terms of customer satisfaction and postings. Sounds like a website may be ideal. How do I start? I start tonite!

  4. I sh– you not . I am hustling my neighbors house . I should scoop a couple thousand on the deal . I made a phone call TODAY . I am showing it Tomorrow . I like to find lazy people who don't want the bother or whatever the case . I have no money invested and little time .

  5. There is a big scam going on Ebay and Amazone against American Enterprises by their agents form out sources. So, please stay tied. They all will be down including their agent in these firms, we need stronger United States of America against all these crooks, in and out.

  6. Hustler, you, right but you can use Ebay or/and Amazon as a stepping stone. A person need to move everything so they can control what they doing. Don't trust themself fully to another. Create your on…..

  7. thank you for preaching it brother, you speak the truth, another reason ebay and amazon are limited is because shipping, only small items are mostly sold in those platforms, and to be honest, now ebay is flooded with sellers from china at ridiculous low prices, that is almost impossible to make a profit, but when you deal locally "like with Craig's List" competition is limited to your local area, and you can sell a whole range of large items that normally will be not profitable to ship e-commerce platforms.

  8. I use ebay the same way I use amazons mechanical turk, I do it for a couple minutes to one hour a day but THATS IT. Anymore time spent on those is a waste of time I could be using working on building a legitimate business . Great video

  9. Is there any way I could learn from you and work with you? I will be able to be your assistant in business. I need a mentor who can help me avoid making pivotal mistakes. Hope to hear from you soon.

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