Newsletter creator

Can’t write beautiful emails with Gmail ?
Create your newsletter as a Google Sites page and use a little web app to beautify it and send it by email.

The web app is available here:


13 thoughts on “Newsletter creator”

  1. Hi, I today found this tool and it is exactly what I need. I installed it as a Chrome extension, created a web page and then tried to send it. Unfortunately the emails are not sent and no error is displayed.
    Any idea what's wrong?

  2. Where did you get the "linked in style" page? I was searching for it but was not able to find it. Trying to get a newsletter going for our technology department and your script looks like the most cost-effective solution.

    Thanks for your script great work.

  3. I am pretty good on following instructions however, i have been trying for 1 hour on how to set this up. I have even goggled it then I noticed that this is an old video. Has some thing changed with the installation?

  4. I suppose you tried to enter the url of a site and not a page inside your site. If you have written your newsletter on the home page of your site, don't forget to add "home" at the end of the site url to get the real url of your home page

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