New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 | Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

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Hey everyone!

In this video, I’m going to be showing you a new Facebook Ads strategy that’s been working really well for me. I believe this will be one of the best strategies to use in 2019.

This strategy combines the power of Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), a new Facebook Ads feature, and the power of lookalike audiences.

I start by explaining the concept of campaign budget optimization and why you should be using it. Then, I give an overview of the exact strategy I’ve been using with CBO to get good results.

I also take you step-by-step through the creation of your campaign, including how to create your lookalike audiences the correct way and how to avoid audience overlap through proper segmentation.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know in the comments below what you think of the strategy.

If you read the whole description, write “Time to take action!” in the comments below. Cheers!


36 thoughts on “New Facebook Ads Strategy for 2019 | Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)”

  1. hi grabriel, whats the thing bring you to create different ads set in one campaign? i used to do 1campaign – 1 adset. Should i practise different ads set in one campaign? thanks for advise

  2. Can someone help me out? I'm fairly new to Facebook ads and have been struggling with scaling for some time. Say for example I have a $5 a day ad set that's performing well and I duplicate that ad set and make the budget $10, for some reason I just won't get any sales with that new ad set even after I've spent like $10. This has really been frustrating me and would love if someone could give me some tips. P.S. I'm not using a CBO strategy btw as I'm not sure I'm ready to use that just yet since it looks a bit more complicated.

  3. Is CBO not good for interest based targeting. I have a load of interests, some more relevant to my products than others. Should I just run a non cbo ad and lump all interests in one ad set, or CbO?

  4. Gabriel, I have been watching many videos of so called Gurus but you are the best. Thank you for sharing such info. I wanna ask once we will do CBO then how long we should monitor and when to stop the adset wihich is not profitable. The one which is profitable among 5 adsets can we just keep that adset running and double the budget after 2 days. Kindly confirm. thanks

  5. Important question: Is it necessary for purchase conversions to use a video ad with a call to action button that says 'shop now' or can you also use one with a button that says 'learn more'?

  6. When starting a new store and you've done PPE to get social proof + data for 95% VV LAA's, how exactly do you refine the performing adsets to make them perform even better? Do you/can you start to break down those LAA adsets and target specific genders/ages/placements? Or do you just run LAA's as is. Not sure what else to do with really only video views for lookalikes. Thanks for the strategy btw.

  7. Before doubling the budget on the profitable campaign, do you kill the adsets that are unprofitable inside that same campaign ? (even if you end up having only 1 or 2 adsets left)

    Thank you for the content, it's GOLD

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