Nesting Chair Update

Nesting chair templates:
Nesting chair build video:


Router & CNC bits coupon: Save 15% on your purchase at Bits & Bits:

Project plans:

Portable Power Tools & Accessories:
– Drill bit with countersink –
– Festool 12v Drill –
– Festool Domino –
– Festool Jigsaw –
– Festool TS55 Track Saw –
– Kreg Jig –
– Kreg K4 –
– Kreg DB210 pocket hole machine –
– Kreg Mini –
– Marble router bit or drill bit –
– Megapro NAS Driver –
– Milwaukee plunge router –
– Random orbit sander – Dewalt –
– Spiral router bit set –
– Vacuum pump –
– Vacuum press bag (polyurethane) –

Hand Tools & Accessories:
– BearKat saws –
– Bevel gauge (t-bevel) –
– Chisels – Kobalt –
– Dovetail saw – Rob Cosman –
– Dozuki “Z” Saw –
– Eclipse quick release vise –
– Engineer square –
– Gyokucho 372 japanese pull saw –
– Leather Apron –
– Lie Nielson rabbet block plane –
– Magnetic dovetail guide (Katz-Moses) –
– Marking gauge – Woodriver –
– Narex marking knife –
– Router plane – Veritas –
– Scraper BAHCO –
– Woodriver #4-1/2 smoothing plane –
– Woodriver #62 low angle jack plane –

– DMT diamond plates (coarse, extra fine, extra extra fine) –
– Honing guide –
– Leather for strop –
– Buffing compound for leather strop –

Safety & Accessories:
– Bluetooth adapter for MP3 ear muffs –
– Mp3 earmuffs –
– Respirator (quick latch) –
– Particulate filter for respirator –
– Organic vapor filter for respirator –
– Safety glasses –
– Tinted safety glasses –
– The best gloves I’ve found –

– Yost parallel clamps (favorite) –
– Bessey parallel clamps –
– Yost F style clamps (favorite) –
– Bessey F style clamps –
– Yost wooden screw clamps –
– Irwin quick clamps –
– Spring clamps –

Audio/Video Recording:
– Sony a6500 camera –
– Sony 10-18 constant f4 lens –
– Sony 18-105 constant f4 lens –
– Shure shotgun microphone –
– Rode Wireless Go microphone –

Dust Collection:
– EF5 dust collector (use code “JAY5” for 5% off) –

Mailing Address:
PO Box 33
Mathiston, MS 39752

For Business Inquiries Please Email:


38 thoughts on “Nesting Chair Update”

  1. Jay,
    Can you add an option for the templates that is just the VCarve template files? I have a CNC and would rather just cut the parts on the CNC.Shipping would be cheap since you can just email file.


  2. Jay just got the templates with the locking dovetails. One comment, number the pieces so when a person gets them they know which ones go together. I had to double check your plans to make sure I put them together correctly. Other than that they lock together perfectly and I can't wait to use them.

  3. Hello first very good Chanel Iam waching your videos and Iam new like carpenter and have cuestion what type router I need buy for make chair like you did and I can use for small jobs?

  4. shipping limits are always fun to deal with. Go over by 0.5" on a 102" wide flat bed shipping, and now you are pulling permits. All because that thing you were asked to mount on the side of the box turned out to 1" deeper than expected.

  5. Jay- great little project.
    My high school wood shop mass produced a similar chair. We made prototypes and jigs. We went out and pre-sold them. The shop split the money between the students and the shop.

  6. Is there an option you're selling where, instead of buying physical templates that you cut for me and ship, that I can buy a .pdf file of the actual size templates, print them out, and stick them to my own template stock, for a smaller price?

  7. Great job I've received mine and they work great. I've had the same problem myself with international shipping, what would make a good video would be how you came up with the solution I would be interested in seeing it.

  8. I'M NOT IN A HURRY TO GET MINE!! If there is a way for you to see this comment and relate it to my order, I don't mind waiting for the less expensive shipping. I would rather make you some money rather than cost you money.

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