My son needs emergency surgery

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37 thoughts on “My son needs emergency surgery”

  1. It is not emergency surgery if it is not done right then when the person goes into hospital. Urgent maybe, but not emergency. If your Son is starting school it can not be that bad. I hope all goes well

  2. I am not a doctor, but I would avoid prednisone/steroids as if they were the plague. That's just my opinion because I've seen what steroids can do. I would especially be concerned when it comes to your child. There are plenty of doctors that practice Integrative Medicine. If insurance doesn't cover certain treatments, pay out of pocket. I am just assuming that you have the finances to do so. However, your child's health is priority and I'm sure you believe that it is. Best of luck, hope your little one feels better soon!

  3. I know you are in love with the new puppy, but people with asthma should stay away from animals. Especially those dogs that shed a lot. I've been dealing with asthma for years and I need to stay away from animals and I am an animal lover. But what choice do I have. Hope your son feels better.

  4. I have asthma and whenever I was a teenager I found out that breathing coffee actually helps because it wakes up all the airway and the steam from the coffee actually helps. And also laying a certain way helps like you on your knees. On the floor and then you put your head between your knees and that helps the breathing and also a wet put it on top of the nose actually does help open up the airway also with the O2 on the towel kinda helps open up your Airway

  5. Here’s some hope for you and your son…
    My son suffers from the same situation and our stories sound similar too. My son is 10 now and we are 2 years free of emergency visits! His breathing and lungs are stronger than ever! We do still suffer from our an annual bout of pneumonia which equates to a 2-3 day hospital stay but that is amazing for him!
    Stay strong though some days it seems never ending… it gets better, those lungs will get stronger and that wheezing will stop.
    Sending well wishes❤️

  6. My Son is Asthmatic and My Doctor told me to give him D-3 5000 it's a Vitamin you can find it a Walgreen's or CVS and also Honey is great for the lungs to and my Sons Asthma got so much better. I understand how you feel.

  7. As someone who suffers from asthma and breathing problems myself I know how scary it is. I'm sure you know wheezing gets worse when you're laying down so at night it gets worse. I personally HATE pred, however now I try to take a small dose for a few days (10 mg) once I get sick as oppose to having to be on long doses. Do you have a pulmologist? I'm assuming you do. Has Christian had an allergy test? When I was his age I was constantly sick (ears, throat, and asthma) and turns out I was allergic to my pets and that saved me!

  8. Hi Jordan! Just found your channel and I love your content! I hate to see that Christian has to go through that. I went through my childhood with having asthma ( the wheezing is just awful!) and of course made every cold 10 times worse and when I turned 15 ( I am now almost 25) needed to have my tonsils removed. I had a thing called sleep apnea where my tonsils were too big and blocked my airway when sleeping and after being monitored overnight I stopped breathing 18 times which turned into sleepless nights quite often. Long story short, having my tonsils taken out did wonders! I hope Christian has an easier time breathing after the surgery! He’s such a trooper, oh and recovery time was about 3 months for me. Prayers for you both!!❤️❤️

  9. Fish oil pills everyday! I had a premie too and I have gone though some pretty scary moment with my daughter’s asthma. At one point she was on her nebulizer once a day everyday. I also was not okay with the steroids which are in some of the meds you put into the nebulizer. Which is why personally believe she had a heart murmur for the longest time. I went to a holistic doctor and he recommend fish oil pills. After 6 mos I was me able to take her off the nebulizer. And what do you know? Her heart murmur went away too.

  10. COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER! Never heat or steam for asthmatics. Yes it loosens everything up, BUT with that
    It gets harder to breathe because now there is extra mucus that he has to fight through to breathe.

  11. Praying for your son God will take good care of him my son was born three months earlier he did have asthma at first but after he turn 10 it all went away and I had my daughter she was fine thank God

  12. Sounds like Christian also has a Reactive Airway. This is what I did for my son and it helped tremendously.

    Mattress cover for allergies. Also for pillows.

    Got rid of all Toxic Chemicals i.e. Pledge, Bleach, scented laundry detergent and use all natural/unscented cleaners. Natural being a spray bottle with 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water to clean bathrooms, kitchen, floors etc. I use caution on natural stone as I'm not sure about cleaning with vinegar.
    Target has microfiber cleaning cloths, no chemical needed to clean and they work GREAT!!!
    I use unscented/no dye laundry detergent with hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach (for whites, colors and darks are okay). 2tbsp hydrogen peroxide in the bleach section of my washer. No softener (I used white vinegar, 2 tbsp as a softener) and no dryer sheets.

    Get those tonsils out, ASAP

    Hoping this helps!!!

  13. My son has asthma and he was also a premmie not as early as your son but was early and little he is now 12 and is doing so much better we would be in the ER AT LEAST 3 or 4 times a month his lips would turn blue cause he couldn’t breath we have the home machine like you as well we did the oils and meds from the doctor he did steroids and we did to inhalers one that was everyday and the other was as needed we also did a pill daily and steroids that we did t like at all but just wanted to say stay positive it will get better my son hates that he can’t do sports like all the other children but now that he is older and doing so much better I feel healthy food and there diet plays a part I just wanted to say it will get better and I will keep you and your son in my prayers

  14. I have had asthma myself since i was 6 and im 33 and the noise Christian was making was in his throat not in his chest..that wasn't wheezing.. If he was struggling to breath you would see it in his neck and chest the strain .. Im not saying he doesn't have asthma but I definitely think hes feeding into you babying him and he's exaggerating

  15. My son was just born July 18 at 1.6 lbs! I’m starting to grow my instagram to try to stay home with him from now on! @jessica_leigh7 if you want to see his progress on instagram

  16. Id love ur thoughts on vaccines as a holistic mom. I have a almost 5 year old and im scared about him starting school for that reason cuz im afraid of all that shit thats in there even tho hes vaccinated and up to date i still get worried putting random chemicals in his body

  17. I’ve had tons of steroids for my lungs and it’s been fine …. and for asthma a big thing that my dad found out he did the shower and steam and what is actually better is to be cold put your head in the freezer steam makes it worse

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