My SIMPLE WordPress Silo/URL Structure To EASILY Rank Page 1 Google (Local Affiliate/Lead Gen. SEO)

This is the BEST local SEO WordPress URL and Silo structure you will ever need to know for local affiliate and lead generation marketing. Replicate this to forever dominate page 1 of Google SERPs.

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My Story:
I’m a digital marketing entrepreneur (built & sold my lawn/landscape/snow business from 2011-2016) documenting my journey of growing my marketing company and sharing my daily life to show what’s possible with internet marketing.

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7 thoughts on “My SIMPLE WordPress Silo/URL Structure To EASILY Rank Page 1 Google (Local Affiliate/Lead Gen. SEO)”

  1. So for the location pages are you saying that these pages you will try to rank for all 3 services that you provide so for e.g "St Paul" which is near Minneapolis. So "Lanscape design St Paul, Lanscape installation St Paul" and "landscape maintenance St Paul"?

    Sorry to go on but I find that no one really makes this clear as I have been asking this question in many forums for many months and I still don't get a clear answer / understanding. When I do find it out I am just going to create a dummy website so that other people who want to know can just see the URL structure and the title and the H1 etc. I will create two dummy websites. One using a keyword rich domain and the other a brand name. So people can see what to do in both situations.

  2. Hi thanks for your videos. Ok one thing I find most people don't make clear when talking URL structure is that the home page needs to focus on the main keyword and the main location as that page has the most chance to rank i.e "landscape design + Minneapolis". What I find a bit confusing is that when listing "service areas" you of course need to mention the main city area again i.e Minneapolis thus potentially cannibalising the home page. Also the same with the "services" page. You may end up listing your main service again "landscape design" and again also cannibalising the home page where you discussed it along with the main location already.

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