My Ex Broke Into My House | Spilling The Tea Ep.2

Tea Time Ep.1–
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21 thoughts on “My Ex Broke Into My House | Spilling The Tea Ep.2”

  1. I just recently discovered your channel. I just wanted to say kudos on the parent you are. People who aren't single mothers with a small child doesn't have a clue about the struggles. You truly should be proud of every thing you have done. But especially of your parenting accomplishments!!!! Also cry on e very single episode of greys!!! The beat show.

  2. Over 24 y.o. student aid is based on your own income. FAFSA app shows you what grants and loans you qualify for. Even if you or your parents make quite a bit, you generally still get offered loans at least. And at community colleges there's a BOG (board of governors) fee waiver where tuition is free to most. It even was for me and my mom was a teacher at almost the top of the pay scale and my dad worked. It's soo much cheaper to do everything you can there. But you are owning it with what you have going now Jordan! It's just good to have a degree to fall back on.

  3. Love that I came across your profile. I have been watching your videos back to back and love it. Im a single mom of an amazing 14 yr old whos dad wants nothing to do with him and a 1 yr old whos dad im now getting divorced from. Super stress full time but your vids give me hope.

  4. You are so down to earth and humble I love your videos. So weird, but I’ll literally turn on your chit chat videos that I’ve already watched just to listen to as I fall asleep because your persona is so sure and comforting.

  5. Love watching you. Currently needing some motivation to get back into my groove with my fitness, time management and everything else in my life. I have two small babies and I’m a full time mom so it’s pretty crazy for me. I want to start eating healthy and working out but it’s so hard to find the time. But it’s have to find it and I think it’s about making the most of my time. Thank you for your videos.

  6. You're so humble! It's honestly so refreshing to see a you tuber, who is so real, genuine and truly thankful for their followers! I truly appreciate that you're so transparent and real!

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