Todays Girl Boss topic is my worst financial mistakes + advice for YOU!! Check your credit score & get your FREE report here: — Comment below what have been your BEST & WORST financial mistakes?? Im curious 😉

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42 thoughts on “MY $30,000 MISTAKE: YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS!!!! FML”

  1. This was so helpful i am 20 years old and i am blessed and havent had to finance anything i have no bad or good credit currently and i have been looking into getting my credit higher thank you so much

  2. Yupp! Student loans for icdc I was 20 didn't know what I wanted to do n just went for it graduated w no job. Job placement was promised but none exist (i was calling them not them calling me)n now I'm 20,000 or more in debt can't even get a damn target card its ridiculousness my credit is frozen ..FML

  3. Third post – Sorry ! My brain just won't shut off when I talk about the classes I teach:
    1. NEVER use the quick money loan places like Apscot (sp?) They get you for up to 50 % interest rate (covered in TV Judge Judy cases) You can only borrow $ 500 and if you miss the deadline of repaying they double your interest and tack on outragious penalties and on and on until you can actually be at 50 % interest !!
    2. NEVER use the "Rent to Own" places for furniture and appliances. If you do the Math and read all the small fine print, you will realize that you end up paying twice or even more than twice what it would have cost if you had just saved for it and done without it for awhile ! Just have fun with it and tell yourself that you are camping until you get your furniture, etc. ! Those "Rent to Own" places make it sound like it is a very small amount a month but do the Math for the many months and figure out the final price of what they stick you with !!!

  4. Awesome video and new subbie! Not to be argumentative, but good credit isn't the only way to get a home or a car. (You should aim for having good credit, but it's not the only way.) If you have the money to put down a significant portion for a house you can go to a mortgage broker instead of a bank even if you have bad credit and they will look more so at your income and expenses rather than your credit score. Just an idea if your credit isn't where you'd like it to be.

  5. i gave a guy i was dating money…..nuff said!!! I barely knew him but i thought he was worth it. it was so dumb of me. he lied obv and was just after my huge chunk of money, that i had mentioned to him like an idiot that i have saved up. once i was basically broke he made up what i am sure was another lie and said he was moving to Arizona (i live in Ca). sometimes i just hate men…$%^& him

  6. As far as car buying, I think it’s best to buy a good used car (around $10,000 typically) outright with cash is best. New cars lose their value very quickly and of course you’ll more than likely need a loan to get one.

  7. Yes yes yes that same EXACT thing happened to me whenI helped some one I was with, we broke up they never paid shit and with my job at the time I could hardly take on those payments. My score went to 344 now back up to 700, biggest mistake of my life NEVER EVER AGAIN! Idc who you are, issa no from me fam.

  8. I personally, have an old car. It worls perfectly fine. I see all my friends struggling to pay their car payment and not being able to do other things they want and I definitely do not want that for myself! Id rather wait to get steady, make my dreams come true then get the car and house of my dreams.

  9. dont ever buy a timeshare )= WORST mistake everrrrrr. thanks to my ex for keeping up with paying half smh. Soo much interest, i just took a look at it & its been two years i've barely paid anything towards it

  10. My husband and I were hugely irresponsible with money for years- not communicating what we were spending with one another, tons of cc debt, no savings, etc. Now we plan out each pay period to pay ALL of our bills (I forgot to mention we went through bankruptcy) set aside money for emergency savings in a giant pickle jar and regular savings in another giant jar. We super glue them shut so we have to actually think about it before we spend the money. It’s not high tech but it’s paid for family vacations and emergency car and home repairs.

  11. With vehicle shopping it's always good to get preapproved through a credit union or bank first (though credit unions are usually lower interest) that way you go into it knowing exactly what you can spend and what your payment will be. Also, even with a higher rate, if you go into a car purchase with cash down or find a vehicle that has good loan to value, your less likely to end up negative equity. I do consumer loans at a local credit union where I live and one of my favorite things to do is teaching people how to build and use credit wisely. I love seeing people get themselves in a better place financially!

  12. Such a great video. It's so true that if your credit score is not good and you don't save you will not be able to afford anything in the future. Wish they taught this more in school!

  13. New subscriber! This is my first video of yours that I am watching and I love it!! All the advice you gave is is amazing!! And is helpful!! I will for sure be binge watching your videos!:)

  14. Although I do not feel this video applies to me personally, I do love how you are sharing your story in efforts to help others to avoid the same types of financial mistakes……. Loving your girl boss series, I originally found you through meal prep videos and I was going through a personal discovery of using the law of attraction and then next thing I know you started to reference "the secret" & the law of attraction in your YouTube videos. I must have attracted you… Keep spreading positivity into the world J! <3

  15. The biggest mistake I've made was purchasing a $550 wallet, I regret it so much. After I received it I realized I didn't even like it. Tried to resell it but sadly couldn't . Paid it off finally but I learned my lesson .

  16. I just got a new car cause my 3 year old car was having major issues. I was NOT expecting to get a new car. Just one little thing had impacted my credit. My dad always instilled in me the importance good credit has, and I really saw it this time. My last car had 0% but just because of this stupid item, it wasn't this time. You're right, sh*t happens!

  17. I'm a senior in college about to graduate and my student loans are going to kill me!!!! I also have 2 credit cards that i need to work on paying off so that will be my goal to get down before my grace period on loans is over and have to pay so much money a month.

  18. I love your videos buttt you CAN get all of those things without credit. #DaveRamsey
    We are going through the steps and making the wisest financial decisions yet. Stay away from the "same as cash" schemes, losing track on the time frame is EXACTLY how they make money. Marketing is their expertise. Just get cheap used stuff until you have the cash on hand to offer the furniture store/car dealership less. If they don't take it, walk down the street to the next one who will

  19. The worst financial decisions I've made have been:
    1) Not prioritizing my health when I had smaller problems, so I ended up slammed with hospital bills because I ended up in very bad health.
    2) Using my debit card at the vending machine in my dorm my freshman year of college. The charges would take a long time to go through (several days) and so sometimes they'd overdraft my account if I wasn't mindful of that. One time I got 4 overdraft charges ($140) on just $6 worth of purchases. Small charges like itunes or snacks should go on cash or credit card if possible, and try to keep a buffer of at least $30 in your debit account.

    The best financial decision I've made is keeping a credit card with no balance from month to month (I only use it for very small things and I pay it off every time). It's been raising my credit like crazy.

  20. I haven't made bad decisions personally. I bought a used car that I could pay off with cash 100%. Went to grad school and owe 90k but I'll be making 120k when I graduate (I consider it an investment). Currently saving for a home too.

  21. Hey Girl, how are you!? Long time no talk THANK you so much for this video!
    Any advice or steps on how to take the leap in refinancing your car loan? I have negative equity on my car as well and not really sure if I should refinance or what.

  22. Don’t ever lend money to someone that you don’t fully trust

    Have a certain amount of money on the side for eating or drinking out because it’s so easy to just tap away

    Pitches things slowly and when you have the money

    Don’t take loans unless you have to ( education loans are killing me)

    My MasterCard interest is 18% so if yours is high girl you better be paying it on time

  23. Love the concept of the video keep making more there helpful to keep in my mind as a 21 years old full time student an a momma of a 6 month old this year I’m going to loss weight and save 10,000 your helping me girl

  24. I have done the same thing! I refinanced my car with a better interest rate but not as good as what you mentioned. What I do right now to help with paying it off and helping my credit out is paying extra towards the payment EVERY month along with paying BEFORE the due date it I’ve been doing this since I refinanced and that alone has helped so much!

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