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Ever wanted a stuffed waffle on the go? Michael, creator of the Wonderffle stuffed waffle iron, talks about his invention with GoDaddy’s Shawn Pfunder. Watch Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Sundays 9|8c on ABC

Shawn: Hey, I’m Shawn. I’m with GoDaddy. I’m hanging out here with Mike who’s —

Mike: Hey.

Shawn: — the creator. Well okay, honestly we’ve just been talking about waffles the whole time. But he’s the creator of the wonderful — that’s the way right?

Mike: Wonderful [inaudible].

Shawn: And when we say wonderful there’s like two f’s down there on the end. Like hold on —

Mike: Yeah.

Shawn: Wonderful. That’s totally amazing. All right. Dude, you got to tell me like –

Mike: Okay.

Shawn: Explain to me what this thing is

Mike: Okay.

Shawn: It’s not just waffle iron

Mike: Okay. So this is a stuffed waffle iron. Okay

Shawn: Okay

Mike: [Inaudible] waffle sandwiches or stuffed waffles. So you got basically what you do is you make one waffle and you put whatever you have on it and you put another waffle on top of it like a sandwich.

Shawn: Like a sandwich

Mike: Yeah but you can’t take that on the go, can you? I mean imagine you’re driving a car with a waffle. Just stuff is falling off, syrup all over the place but what this does, this allows me to cook my — everything I want to with the waffle.

Shawn: Right.

Mike: Cook it right inside the waffle. All right. So what you do is you pour a little batter in

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: You add your stuffing.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: Pour a little more batter in. You close it. Flip it. Cook it for a few minutes. And when you take it out, the waffle sticks to this part and you open it up and the waffle falls right into your hands

Shawn: Wait wait, wait, wait.

Mike: Yeah there is a waffle here. Just imagine. Imagine there is a waffle right there.

Shawn: I didn’t even — look at this.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah.

Shawn: That’s amazing.

Mike: It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun

Shawn: So like where did you come up with the idea for it like —

Mike: Well, I was actually at a restaurant with coworkers and I saw somebody order a [inaudible] of waffles.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: And I thought you know I love waffles but I can’t — I have to sit down and eat with a knife and fork.

Shawn: Right. Right. Right.

Mike: Why don’t have something that — why isn’t there something out there that allows me to take it on the go?

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: And I looked online and I couldn’t find anything.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: So I — I’m an engineer. So I said let me try to build it myself.

Shawn: What advice would you give to somebody else that like has an idea? Wants to get something out into the world? Like what advice would you give them to execute?

Mike: Well, I think the first thing I would say is so many times I hear people say, you know I had a good idea about this. And they never do anything with it.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: The first thing I’d say is start. Try it out. You know?

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: Get something going because a lot of times, you hear people and they say, you know, well I thought this idea was [inaudible]. Did it really try it?

Shawn: Right. Right.

Mike: So start off with it. Pay — take whatever skills that you have and try to build on it. I mean not everybody’s an engineer. Not everybody’s in software. So not everybody could do that but you know, find out a lot of people have skills in marketing.

Shawn: Right.

Mike: They know how to draw other people in. Use whatever skills they have. So I would definitely just start off with doing something.

Shawn: Yeah just do something. Right? With it. I’ve liked talk to — talking to a lot of entrepreneurs, talking to a lot of people just with ideas of great things. To be a musician or writer whatever, like that’s always the first step, right? You just got to do something, right? Just don’t think about it. Like execute it. Like ship something and get it out there.

Mike: And one other thing that I learned is that there is so much more that you have to learn how to do if you want to be entrepreneur.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: You have to put on a lot of hats.

Shawn: Yeah.

Mike: I mean I’ve had to do — I helped file my own patent. You know and I never thought I would do that.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mike: I hate legal [inaudible]. I mean they’re good. You ever read those documents? But you know, you just have to learn how to do that.

Shawn: So how’d you do it? Okay so what piece of advice and maybe you’re already doing it but one thing I’ve noticed that works really well especially for something as delicious as this. [Laughing] Right? Have you been like — do you have like a place where you’re taking like not necessarily preorders but just an even email addresses or connecting with people. Like gathering a group [inaudible] social media only because when you do have the product —

Mike: Yeah.


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