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With the GoCentral Website Builder, you can build a website right on your phone! You get access to user-friendly tools, built-in social features and more. Get all the details at

It couldn’t be easier to get your website up and running than with GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder. In fact, it’s so easy you can create and publish your site on your phone! No desktop or laptop device required.

With GoCentral Website Builder’s user-friendly editing tools, it’s simple – and fun – to customize your site.

You can change colors, fonts, text styles, and section layouts.
You can replace and add photos from your own pics, or choose from the large gallery of stock photos included with GoCentral.

Add a calendar, a menu, a price list … well you get it. Whatever it takes to make your site your own.

This website builder gets the importance of social too; offering built-in buttons to link your site to all the popular social sites. It will even automatically create a Facebook page for you or update the one you have.

GoCentral also optimizes your site automatically for the top search engines so people can find you faster. Pretty important, right?

And, it uses your site’s design to automatically create marketing emails that will get attention.

GoCentral business and ecommerce websites come with an SSL certificate. SSL technology encrypts the data that flows between your web server and your customers’ browsers, securing everyone’s sensitive data and your customers’ trust in you.

With GoCentral Website Builder you don’t pay for a bunch of features you don’t need. A choice of plans, from a simple personal page to a full-fledged ecommerce site, lets you decide.

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9 thoughts on “Meet GoCentral Website Builder | GoDaddy”

  1. GET RID OF THIS GARBAGE AND ALLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS AND THE CUSTOMER'S WEB DESIGNER TO CUSTOMIZE SITES TO THEIR LIKING. This Website Builder is a quick way to tank new businesses just from look of it. Customers want a unique experience, but it sounds like you are selling a cheap product to milk some extra dollars from those that don't know better. Either you give your customers a REAL ability to modify the look & feel of their business sites or people (including myself) will start putting our "sights" AND sites on platforms that meets desires. And no, that injecting HTML, CSS, Javascript in the sections area is not cutting it. We need the ability to hook the functionality of OUR DESIGNS to a store.

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