March 8, 2018 Marketing News Made by Headliner

Here’s your Front Row Entrepreneur Flash Briefing, Weekend Edition:

As you think about your social media content creation for the weekend, you should know that,

Tomorrow, March 9th is

Barbie Day
Meatball Day
Genealogy Day
Panic Day
Get Over It Day

Sunday, March 10th is

Pack Your Lunch Day
Dry Shampoo Day
Check Your Batteries Day
Day Of Awesomeness
Mario Day (super mario)
International Bagpipe Day

Trending on Twitter right now is #InternationalWomensDay and #HappyWomensDay2019

If you figure out a way to use those in your marketing today, with hashtags of course, make sure and tag me on Twitter so I see – @jenrgy.

On with the news…

Facebook has announced a new set of measures to limit the spread of anti-vax content on its network. And in the article they give a long list of actions they are going to take but I guess the bottom line is that if you have content that is anti-vax, meaning, anti-vaccinations, it won’t get seen.

YouTube is also ramping up its efforts to get rid questionable content, with the addition of a new ‘fact-check’ pop-up which will appear on videos relating to subjects that are prone to misinformation. The new pop-up will appear in search results for certain topics, and will highlight additional information from YouTube’s verified fact-checking partners.

Apparently the people who spy on Instagram developement have spotted a code that reveals a “co-watch content” feature hidden inside Instagram Direct Messaging.

It’s unclear what users might be able to watch simultaneously, but the feature could give IGTV a boost, or just let you laugh and cringe at Instagram feed videos and Stories with other people. We’ll just have to see.

Now let’s quickly recap all the updates from the week. And remember, all of the past broadcasts of these flash briefings, along with show notes and links to resources can be found at

Facebook’s added a secret dark mode to messenger, announced a new set of stickers for Women’s History Month which is of course happening now and has added a new feautre called Tributes for accounts whose owner has passed away.

Twitter debuts new analytics tools for publishers focused on improving video engagement and it’s awesome and I did a live stream about it yesterday. I’ll put a link to it on the show notes page

Instagram is working on some new options which would enable you to sort your follower and following lists, and search through your likes.

LinkedIn is launching a new podcast called ‘Hello Monday’, which will showcase stories of professional development,

Pinterest continues to expand its eCommerce tools with new product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations.

Google is adding a new option to Google My Business listings which will enable brands to showcase offers within search results.and they have llaunched new ad options to help brands reach users who are searching via Google Images.

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Have a great weekend, I hope you are doing something fun or relaxing, or both. I’ll be back monday morning with a brand new flash briefing just for you!


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