Malwarebytes Flags PC Matic for Removal and Here is Why I Agree

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Malwarebytes Flags PC Matic for Removal and in this video I show all of the confusing marketing talk, vague information and confusing information that is on the PC Pitstop / PC Matic websites along with their YouTube video that makes other confusing claims. Please watch this video before you decide to give this company your money.

Here is the blog post by Malwarebytes

Why Malwarebytes detects PC Pitstop as Potentially Unwanted

Here is the response from PC Matic that compares Malwabytes to a 9-year-old.

Here is the follow up video with Dodi Glenn from PC Matic
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28 thoughts on “Malwarebytes Flags PC Matic for Removal and Here is Why I Agree”

  1. Nice. Too late tho, I have been paying PC Matic for about 2 years now. Oh well. Is it fairly easy to stop and then install Malwarebytes instead? (I like that Asteroid spaceship, that was cool)

  2. While i agree with not using PC Matic, i just want to say i think Superantispyware is a much better malware hunter than Malwarebytes. In safe mode i still would rather use Superantispyware. i would like to hear from you and the gang on the channel what their thoughts are. thanks for sharing, i am glad i am not the only one who doesn't like the PC Matic product.

  3. Any program that will not function unless it is connected to the internet is not sufficient at removing malware today. (This is my opinion). I have used this and it will not operate without a live internet connection, which btw is what most scam/malware programs seek to stop.

    By changing hosts/ redirecting browsers or changing the icon's/ adding proxies etc. Many scammers will attempt to block the internet so you will call them and pay them the extortion.

    Malwarebytes will scan in dos/safe mode with no internet etc. I don't think it will prevent all intrusion but it has been an excellent product so far.

    People who write malware and viruses are just as educated and talented as any person working at Symantec/AVG/Malwarebytes or Microsoft. You should back up often expect to lose everything and wipe your pc/mac when you run into something really advanced.

    Finally disconnect your internet at the first sign of trouble. Restore run Malwarebytes/Defender; live long and prosper :).

  4. Good report – I agree – my only question is this:
    From an I.T. Standpoint, why on God's green earth would anyone of 'sound-mind' be running windows 10?
    Can you PLEASE answer that?

  5. If it disable fragmentation on your PC to force you to use theirs its a scam in my book. No legitimate software would force you to do that, because if their product was truly better than default windows program, then they would have no reason to disable it.

  6. This video is crap! PC MATIC is awesome! I am Evergreen for life, and it keeps your computer clean and running at peak performance. I don't even notice PC MATIC protecting my system. It just does. Thanks, PC MATIC!

  7. i saw through this scam the first time i saw them on tv years ago. and they…huh, so you have that little browser game bookmarked too (where you destroy the web page). cool but as i was saying, even now, they still have commercials and their scam is ongoing.

  8. I have to agree with Rex on this one. I read the techtalk article he shared by the ceo and I also looked at the vb100 link you shared. I did see where theyvmention the stability issues on Windows 10, but they also go on to mention that the developers at PC Pitstop were very good at responding and fixing the issues as they reported them, so the buggyness apparently has already been fixed. Now, lets look at the scores and comparisons. It looks like most products averaged a RAP detection rate scoe in the mid 80% range. So lets look at an example… AVG received a detection rate score of 83.15% and passed to receive a vb100 certificstion becsuse it had 0 false positives. So, if I had AVG, I would be guaranteed to not have any good programs blocked from running with no false positives, however 17% of viruses would be allowed to infect my machine. On the other hand, if I had PC Matic, there would be a 1.7% chance I may have a good program blocked from running, but with a detection rate score of 99.9%, I am pretty much guaranteed no virus, malware or ransomware will infect my machine. And if by chance I try to run one of the 1.7% of good programs that is blocked, I can easily whitelist the program or have pc pitstop's researchers whitelist it for me so it will not block it again. Hmm, let me think about that, 17% of viruses on my pc with no false positives or no chance of infection with a chance of 1.7% of false positives… I think my choice is PC Matic.

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