MAKEUP COLLECTION 2017 | Kaitlinemmax

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Acrylic drawers-
Ikea Alex unit-

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❤️ snapchat: kaitlindobson
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❤️ Where do you live? Edinburgh, Scotland
❤️ How old are you? I am 19, my birthday is the 1st of November
❤️ What do you study? I study marketing at Edinburgh University

What I use to film:
I use final cut pro to edit xx

Thank you lots and lots for watching, love you all! xx

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17 thoughts on “MAKEUP COLLECTION 2017 | Kaitlinemmax”

  1. My makeup collection is a fraction of the size but it's growing. And like I can't do my makeup where I store it. So for those who have similar storage, do you just put what you want to use in a box and then take it to your table where you get ready ?

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