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My paying ads is the best and stable program to make money for long term. (5 to 10+yrs)

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My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your advertisement placed.

Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution! It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefit to you.

The ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success. Do not miss the high quality traffic and residual earnings that this site can offer.


My Paying ads is the best revenue share program of 2015 and 2016 and it is trusted program made to run for long term 5 to 10 years.


What is MyPayingAds? is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.

Is free to join?
Yes. MyPayingAds is free to join.

Is legal?
YES it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at MPA, we sell traffic which is our basic product. All members that purchase ad packs will get Traffic exchange credits and guaranteed banner clicks. More details are available in the “Details” page.


NOTE: Withdrawal request must be requested to the same processor used to deposit. If you use multiple payment processors to make adpack purchases, you will receive the revenue sharing rewards to the individual payment processors and you will be able to withdraw them using the same payment processor.


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