Mail Merge for Gmail with Attachments

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With Mail Merge for Gmail and Google Apps, you can send personalized email messages with attachments to a list with little effort. This is similar to Mail Merge in Outlook except that we are using Google Spreadsheets and not Word or Excel for doing the Merge.

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You can write rich-text HTML messages with inline images and file attachments. The Mail Merge add-on for Google Sheets will also let you schedule message and will deliver them at your preferred date and time automatically.

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32 thoughts on “Mail Merge for Gmail with Attachments”

  1. I've sent an email to myself (not a test mail, a regular campaign with 1 email address) and although I could open it, I was warned that the mail contained a phishing virus and my computer blocked the program. When I wanted to open the link I enclosed in the newsletter, my computer also blocked the link, because when the user clicks a link, Mail Merge notes this fact, so again, my anti-virus program treated this action as phishing. I assume that many of my clients may have a similar problem, and we all know how touchy we all are regarding unwanted emails.

  2. If I have a mailmerge email that is scheduled to go out at 1/2/2020 8am ET, but now I want to change it to 1/3/2020 8am ET, how can I change it if I already ran the mailmerge and it is already scheduled? Would appreciate your help. Thank you!

  3. hI AMIT , I have purchased the upgraded version from the link shared by you on email . I need support , tried mailing but did not get any response . Can you please guide how do i get support ? Also if i wnat to upgrade to version with a call support how do i do that ?

  4. I want to rerun skipped row but I don't know what this message means: "If you would like to re-process the skipped rows, clear the [Document Studio] columns in the sheet and run merge again." Can someone assist?

  5. I really liked the way you have done this! Mainly – what you wanted to say and what was happening on the screen synced beautifully! Also, there was no blabbering off to give irrelevant details! Thanks a lot. Learned what i needed to really quickly.

  6. Thank you Amit. Good instructions. I come across an issue tget I can not solve. I am sending my email. The text comes but not attachments. (There are links in google shit under File Attachments)

  7. Hi Amit, I keep appending my mail merge sheet and only want the last added record to be sent. Does it allow as I fell it will send mails again to the entire database.  Let me know

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