LinkedIn Marketing Tips: 5 Tips to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page

Tips to Leveraging Your LinkedIn Company Page

Tip # 1 – Create a Content Calendar

Creating updates should be strategically done, so you have covered the key messages that you want your company to be communicating. Create a plan within what we call a content calendar, that outlines the main topics you want to be discussing each month.

Tip # 2 – Write a Concise Company Profile

Think of your Company Page as a lead in for new clients to get to know you. Assume they only have a spare minute to look at your page, so get to the point quickly and succinctly when writing your company profile.

Tip # 3 – Empower Your Employees to Generate Updates

Provide some training on how to create effective updates on LinkedIn to your key staff as well as administration assistants within your company. Once they have a few templates, formulas, and checklists to work with, you can ask everyone to contribute on a monthly, or weekly basis.

Tip # 4 – Experiment to Discover the Best Time to Update Your Page

There was research done in 2015 that declared that the best time to post on LinkedIn was on Monday between 2 and 4pm ET. This is a general statement, so the best thing to do when starting out is to send your updates at different times, and different days and see if you can define a better time slot where your updates are more likely to be read, shared and commented on.

Tip # 5 – Consider Investing in LinkedIn Advertising

If an update has done well organically, you can choose to sponsor it by making the update appear on your connections LinkedIn feed or you can choose to attract leads by your update appearing on LinkedIn pages. Similarly, there are other advertising campaigns that you can set up with LinkedIn such as Banner advertising. They charge approximately $5 per click, so you need to know the amount you can pay to acquire a new customer, and the conversion rate that your advertising is likely to generate before investing too heavily.
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