LinkedIn Marketing Strategy – Why LinkedIn is Important for Business Owners and Executives

The Biggest Reason Why LinkedIn is Great For Business Owners and Executives

LinkedIn is great to build credibility and generate leads.

People will Google your name before they meet you in person, or have a phone appointment with you. Because LinkedIn is so strong in the search results, your personal LinkedIn profile will probably show on the first 3 results of a search. For this reason, you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile positions you as a credible, trusted professional.

LinkedIn works like Google

Think of LinkedIn as search engine, similar to Google. You can use LinkedIn to find professionals who live in a particular city, with certain certifications and areas of expertise.

Your prospective clients either use Google or LinkedIn to search for service providers, and one of the best things about your LinkedIn profile is that it will appear in any search engine your target market use.

In order to appear in search results, the one thing you need in your profile is the right keywords.

Do you know what keywords your target market are using?

I hope you do, but if you don’t, please make a note to yourself to find out – this is the oxygen you need to fuel your LinkedIn activity, not to mention your website.

For 80% of service providers, your best ‘client attracting’ keywords will be your profession or the service you provide plus the suburb, city or country you serve.

For example:

• Management Consulting Firm Melbourne
• Accountant Brisbane
• Insurance Broker Sydney
• Organisational Development Consultant Adelaide
• Executive Leadership Coach Canberra
• Digital Marketing Specialist Perth

There is a fabulous and FREE online tool that you can help explore the top keywords that your target market are using to find you. The name of the tool is called Google Keyword Tool

Knowing the keywords that your target market use to find service providers like yourself is just the first step. For when they click on your profile, you have just 5 seconds to impress them enough to continue reading and checking out your products and services.

Why LinkedIn is Great for Inbound and Outbound Marketing

If you offer professional services, LinkedIn is the perfect place to build up your credibility and attract new clients.

People now perform extensive research online before making a buying decision, and may not always be in a rush to make a buying decision. They may spend months thinking about who they want to get them to help them, and this is where your blogs, updates and emails can compel them that you are the ideal choice.

LinkedIn is the only social media platform where you can export your list of contacts into a spreadsheet, and then into a software system that will help you with your outbound email marketing strategies. This is a powerful feature, and when leveraged correctly, you can use LinkedIn to turn interested prospects into happy clients.

Similarly, when you have an optimized LinkedIn profile, it can work amazingly well in attracting new leads. It’s like your personal webpage that works night and day promoting your business and highlighting your expertise to your target market. One of the big benefits to LinkedIn is simply receiving qualified leads on a consistent basis!

So this is the perfect time to get your LinkedIn profile updated to include all the relevant SEO keywords you need to attract your ideal type of client. Then, write a summary that is going to influence them to check out your website, and make a call to enquire about your products and services.

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