Let's talk sales, who are my clients and how did I find them.

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Let’s talk sale, who are my clients and how did I find them.


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17 thoughts on “Let's talk sales, who are my clients and how did I find them.”

  1. Its a co-incidence, I run similar business in India. So far so good. But one thing I observed that 10 % of my customers are contributing 90% of business. I know, the situation is not healthy one. What's your experience sir. I would not like keep all eggs in one basket. Your take on this, if possible.

  2. Very much agree with the value vs price philosophy. I bought a top of the line tablet. Comes in GREAT for field work. Hardly touch it otherwise, but well worth it

  3. I'm a highschooler who's just recently come across your videos, and they are really helping me! I'm trying to start an IT business and these videos are invaluable for me. I can't say thanks enough.

  4. Great video Tom. Myself and my brother are just getting a small it business off the ground in Western Australia. I really enjoy watching your videos and the way you are open with your advice on business and IT practices.

  5. Love the points about providing solutions. Just ran into this with a security cam gig… A large local security company wanted $1500 per pole for a camera…AND the client would have to drive on site to check the video…. The electrician called me and asked if something could be done… Swooped in with Ubiquiti cameras and 4g back haul to HQ… They love it!

  6. I'm just launching a hybrid break-fix/managed services business, and your videos have been a great resource. It's nice to hear what others have encountered in this journey of entrepreneurship. I look forward to more vids!

  7. Excellent video, Tom! I've been in the IT business for over 30 years and now do small business IT consulting. Your points are spot on. Thanks so much for the information. Keep up the great videos!

  8. In my experience in the IT industry there are a lot of IT companies very good at sales and support IE answer the phone but fall down in the tech aspect of the job thankfully they don't last to long but give the rest of us a bad name. Great Vid keep em coming

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