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Having been in the content marketing and publishing industry for over 20 years, I know that I am one of the best in helping my clients build community, engagement, credibility, visibility and reach with their content strategies.

That said, when you turn the tables on yourself – it’s a whole other ballgame!!!

I have known that in order to help more people I need to step up my game, step into a bigger spotlight.

I have become my own client.

And…I’ve definitely struggled in releasing some marketing materials in the last six months.

For example, I did this video shoot almost FOUR MONTHS ago, my website was supposed to launch almost half a year ago (my visibility issues here…) and my branding photo shoot has been ready for almost two months.

And yet…this. Fear.

I am afraid of being judged.
I am afraid of not being enough.
I am afraid of not being fit enough or strong enough.
I am afraid of looking silly.
I am afraid that I don’t look right.

Oh, and the biggest fear of them all.

The fear of success.

This hesitation. This fear.

Even writing this makes me a little dizzy.

On one side, I like to be introverted. Snuggle up, read a book, be quiet. On the other, I crave connection and community.

My desire to inspire overpowers these fears most of the time – but it is work.

This preview of a blooper reel my team put together is the proof.

I can’t begin to tell you the roller coaster ride I’ve been on to stepping up my own visibility and coming out from behind the scenes with my clients to so that I can reach more people in 2019 and help more people make a bigger impact by amplifying their visibility, credibility, reach, engagement and communities.

In the new few weeks you may see me release a ton of new branded videos, posts, stories, etc. but I want you all to know that it was work and it wasn’t all perfect.

About 10 hours of shooting to get about 60-minutes of video.

I doubted myself.
I lost my words.
I made up words.
I forgot what I was going to say.
I had a mini panic attack.
I felt like I was a deer in the headlights.
I felt unsure.

The new site is coming soon….Want to get a notification?

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Leigh’s BIO

I’m Leigh Fowler, Content Strategist and Amplifier, and I’m here to help you convert your followers into buyers with integrity and purpose, while making an impact as a service-based business coach, speaker, author or go to expert/consultant. I’ve been in the marketing and publishing world for over 20 years now and it wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to go all in and become a full-time entrepreneur. It’s been a journey and I’m excited to share the insights, best practices and old-fashioned business strategies that translate all platforms so that you can find alignment with your marketing strategies and build your visibility, credibility, impact, community and engagement. Content that converts is NOT an accident, it’s a strategy!

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