LED vs HPS Grow Light Comparison – Which is Best? | LED vs HID

There’s a lot of talk in the indoor growing community about LED grow lights and how they just might be the “next big thing” in indoor gardening. Pick up your Kind LED Grow Light at https://www.kindledgrowlights.com

Like a lot of products in the indoor growing market, there is a lot of marketing and hype behind LEDs. Sometimes its hard to know for sure if LED’s are a good solution for your indoor garden grow. To help you make an informed decision, we provide an in-depth look at growing with LED’s, comparisons to HID, and what sets KIND LED apart from the competition.

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9 thoughts on “LED vs HPS Grow Light Comparison – Which is Best? | LED vs HID”

  1. I love your lights. I have the K5 XL 1000 and am extremely happy with it. For some reason, people are always talking trash about your lights and I don't understand why. I love that the lights are focused down on the plants and not on the walls like other brands. Thank you for the great product.

  2. Another company has a feature that would make your Kind 1000 perfect.
    You can set a small timer on the light to do your work inside at a normal working light and after 10 minutes it goes back to the regular light for the plants. Just to make sure that you don't forget to set it back.
    In my mind, that would make your light perfect.
    And idiot proof.
    Which I need.

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