LA Hairstylist Sofia Car is Doing Things Her Own Way

Sofia Car invites us into her salon to chat about what it’s like to start a business and make your own rules. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

Tired of being limited in other people’s salons (and handing over so much of her own profits), Sofia decided to take the leap and break out on her own. She was ready to do things her way and didn’t want to answer to anybody but herself. She launched Sofia Car Hair, set up shop in a stylish live-work space and her loyal clients followed. Now, her LA salon is a place buzzing with creative freedom, where clients can kick back while Sofia works her magic creating unique and personalized looks. As a business owner, Sofia wears all the hats: scheduling, troubleshooting, customer service and managing her site online. She used GoDaddy’s Website Builder to create a clean, professional website that represents her fun and creative vibe. Her site is easy to navigate, making it super simple for clients to check out her portfolio, learn more about what she does and schedule appointments.

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