Kidney Stones – Break The Stones And Prevent Them In The Future With These Natural Remedies

Kidney Stones can be a very painful event. In this video, we cover ways to get rid of Kidney stones at home and prevent kidney stones from coming back.


Supplements to break Kidney Stones –

– Avoid oxalates (see below)

– Avoid calcium from supplements, but dietary calcium is okay since it can bind with calcium before it turns into stones. However, there is also mixed reviews on this and some say that taking calcium would be okay.

– Of course, if you have a kidney stone, adding more water will help, however, drinking excessive water in general without electrolytes will not prevent kidney stones. The key is drinking adequate amounts of fluid. Sometimes when I tell people not to drink excessive amounts, they interpret this as to avoid drinking water – no, just drink when you are thirsty and if you have a stone or develop stones easily, drink more.

– Vitamin D most likely will help prevent kidney stones.

– Vitamin K2 helps keep calcium out of the soft tissues of the body and this is a must.

– There are mixed reviews on vitamin C (specifically ascorbic acid) on if it contributes to stone formation.

– Too much sodium could contribute to stone formation in some people.

Canned pineapple

Bok Choy

For Uric Acid Stones
This can be triggered by higher amounts of insulin or sugar intake. It can also be triggered by ketosis. Potassium citrate will help this.

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