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JubiRev – New Home Business Launched

Jubi Rev
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This business is going to be HUGE!!!

Are you looking to join a Successful Team that is going to give you all the training & support you need to succeed in your new business?
Stop looking, You have just found it!

Do you want to get paid Daily Residual Income?

No Need to Sponsor Other Affiliates! Just Get Paid Daily to Place Online Advertising for our Global Company that Sells Products & Services in the Trillion Dollar Travel, Skincare, Weight-loss, Energy & Vitality Industries.

——————— WHAT DO WE DO TO EARN ———————
What do I have to do each day to get paid?
If you can place online ads that have been pre-written for you & give away free samples to people all around the world, you will make money with this business!

The business is actually very simple. JubiRev utilizes 2 main marketing methods that have been proven successful over the years, time & time again.

These methods are used on a large variety of both online & offline business with great success. The 2 marketing methods are:

1. Collective Advertising – We all place ads promoting the companies products & or services, every day.

2. Free Samples – We all give away free samples of our products & services. We can only give away a limited amount to each customer, just enough for them to try. Once they try the products they will love them, & then come back & purchase more.

Get started today for free: http://www.jubiglobal.biz

——————— WHY AN ONLINE BUSINESS ———————
Why should I start an online home business?
Here are just a few of the many benefits that come to mind straight away.
*Spend more time with your family.
*Online shopping & the internet are an ever expanding market.
*Become location independent & move your business with you daily if you wish.
*Very low start up costs.
*Very low running costs.
*No commuting, traffic or office politics to deal with.
*Maximum leverage giving you unlimited earnings potential.
*No work suit or makeup required.
*You are your own boss, you pick the hours that suit you and change them when ever you like.
*See your friends more.
*Don’t have to worry about the weather (I used to be a farmer).
*Meet fantastic people from all over the world.
*Tax benefits. And many more great reasons….

Fortune magazine has called direct selling (of which network marketing is the largest segment) “the best kept secret in the business world.” Financial experts say it’s a “recession proof” industry.

Billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing a network marketing company, called it the best investment he’d ever made. Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, calls it the first truly revolutionary shift in marketing in the last 50 years.

Did you know that you are 10 times more likely to earn a 6 figure income with an online business these days than with a traditional Brick and Mortar?

Get started today for free: http://www.jubiglobal.biz

——————— WHY JOIN OUR TEAM ———————
Concerned you are not going to get any help once you join? …….Don’t be!
We are very “hands on” with our team and have created some very cool tools for everyone in our team to use.

For example see our www.JubiGlobal.com site. This site is password protected and is only available for people in our team.

Here is some of what is currently available in our Jubi Global site.
*Recorded Corporate & Team Webinars
*Recorded Corporate & Team Calls
*Access to your own Free marketing website
*Simple to follow instructions on how to setup your business, quickly & correctly
*Simple instructions on how to market your business
*Support ticket system with fast response turn around.
*Access to weekly Team webinars on how to market your business
*Pre-written template emails
*Large selection of Banners to use for your marketing

With the JubiSuite we will also be building under team to help them grow!

——————— SUMMARY ———————
So they have got Great Products that have a Massive Demand, a Revenue Sharing business model that is very effective, Great Leaders and Solid Financial Backing. Those 5 things in the one business is why I know this business is set to explode!

Get started today for free and have a closer look why we are all so very excited about it: http://www.jubiglobal.biz

To your prosperity in 2013 and beyond,

George & Merrin Robinson

If you have any questions please contact us by filling out the form on the following page:





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