Journey – Goal Setting & Networking Event Bristol – business

Journey is a NEW goal setting + networking event where participants brainstorm, set goals about their life, and work in pairs to share experiences and meet new people.

The process is facilitated. Instructions will be given at each step, there is no point in the event where you will find yourself without instructions, or unsure what to do next.

Journey has ambient lighting and background music. It feels more like a meditation ceremony or spiritual event than a conventional business networking meeting.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes to begin with a walking meditation. The main bulk of the session is spent answering questions and working in pairs. The session will end with a period of relaxation, similar to Yoga Shavasana.

Participants will leave feeling uplifted, inspired, with clarity of mind, having answered empowering questions, having chosen new goals, and having connected with like minded people.

Materials are provided. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to participate.

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Journey is produced by Ben Lowrey.

In association with Beyond the Brand

You will be asked to sign a video release. The events are filmed for online marketing purposes and all participants are required to sign a video release form. This is not optional.


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