Jerry Q Art Watercolor Set Unbox and Swatch

Hey artnerds! Today we’re taking a look at this inexpensive little watercolor set, straight from Amazon. We’re unboxing and swatching the Jerry Q Art 24 Assorted Colors Pocket Set!

Get Your Own:

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10 thoughts on “Jerry Q Art Watercolor Set Unbox and Swatch”

  1. Would love to see you do a video painting with this paint set. (For some reason I enjoy wAtching artists paint something beautiful using cheap paints. It shows the real talent regardless of the cheap media being used).

  2. Thanks for the review. I found the 18 colour version of this set here in Australia sold under the name Mont Marte, a budget brand of art supplies with variable performance from okay to down right dodgy. i was going to chuck the little blocks of colour and fill the pans with my own tubes but curiosity got the better of me and I tested them out. I found most of the colours had a fair pigment load for cheap paints and okay for messing about with apart from the greens and the grey which were frankly terrible… goopy consistency with little pigment. Those greens are bin-able but I'm torn now whether to use the other colours or just pop them out and store them for future grandkids as my own teenage offspring would look at me cross eyed if i tried to offer them art supplies. Checking your videos for that field test to help me decide.

  3. Lol endure the torture with you. I felt frustrated just WATCHING you do that. The set up of that palette is really interesting, and those greens def. remind me of Japanese watercolors, I agree.

    Hope you're not sick! And looking forward to the field test. : )

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