Introducing the NEW Painter Essentials 6 Webinar

Join Digital Arts Product Marketing Manager – Tanya Lux and professional illustrator – Brandon A. McDonald, for an exciting introduction to the NEW Painter Essentials 6!

Tanya will kick things off with some fun tips and tricks for making the most of your photo art and Brandon will provide recommendations for getting started with blank canvas illustrations.

This session, built for beginners and will introduce you to the recommended tools for streamlining your art creation.

Don’t forget to download a FREE 30-day trial at


4 thoughts on “Introducing the NEW Painter Essentials 6 Webinar”

  1. To avoid confusion – in case you haven't picked up on it she pronounces drawing as 'drying' such as in the first few minutes when she mentions we should use a 'drying' tablet and then shows us a pen and ink 'drying'.

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