Intorduction to Planning Your Travel Vision Board Party for Your Travel Business

January is the month where we celebrate vision board parties. The secound Saturday in January is National Vision Board Party Day.

Many people have already or will be participating in vision board parties thinking about how they will realize their dreams. As a travel professional we can be a part of making dreams come true for our clients. Marketing for travel agents just got easier with this video, because inside this video which is part of our Masterclass: Planning Your Travel Vision Board Party, I’ll tell you how to host a vision board party for your travel business.

A vision board party is a great travel agency marketing idea and inside this video full of travel agent marketing tips on hosting your vision board party you won’t go wrong.

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With over 13 years of small business experience and 8 years as an online entrepreneur, I understand what it’s like to struggle with creating the right offers and trying to find new clients to grow my business. I’ve been where you are and now with my proven systems and knowledge, I am able to help my clients dramatically increase their sales.


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