Instagram Algorithm Explained: Get More Likes & Followers in 2019

STOP taking shots in the dark and wondering if you’re doing this whole “Instagram” thing the right way…

After the recent algorithm changes and community guidelines, here’s a breakdown of exactly how you can expect the Instagram Algorithm to work either with or against you in 2019.

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Explaining the 3 Algorithm Factors that Affect Your Visibility on Instagram:
1) Interest – 2:28
2) Relationship – 3:33
3) Recency – 4:10

5 Instagram Growth Tips:
1) Tip #1 – 5:15 Engaging With Pages (Who & How)
2) Tip #2 – 6:20 IG Stories
3) Tip #3 – 6:59 Leveraging Influencers
4) Tip #4 – 7:44 POWER CAPTIONS (Don’t Skip This)
5) Tip #5 – 9:49 Tracking Analytics

(Best of All) Picture of Dog With a Pacifier in Mouth – 8:24

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