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Here is just ONE of the INFINii warehouses based in the US. We’ll soon have warehouses based all around the world for INFINii members to use in conjunction with the INFINii Marketplace.

eCommerce is a Trillion Dollar Worldwide Industry, Learn How You Can Earn With No Recruiting Required!

Thousands of INFINii members have looked outside of their 9-5 lifestyle and have discovered life-changing income by using sites like Amazon and eBay to create their own wealth.

Are you looking for something new, exciting and profitable with NO recruiting required?

Something that works?

In the last 2 years, our members have generated more than 2.4 Billion dollars in eCommerce sales.

This is the future, question is, do you want to be part of it?

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Vendors = Manufactures
Customers / MarketPlace = INFINii Members
This is where our INFINii Members get exclusive access to find products to sell on their eBay, Amazon, Shopify, INFINii Stores…

Our INFINii members can DropShip from or buy in bulk at very low prices to then sell on their eCommerce sales platforms. Perfect for international INFINii members. INFINii Australia for example.
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Our INFINii members get access to INFINii Tracking in their INFINIi backoffice to keep track of all their supplier details, it will also let them know if the products go out of stock and if the supplier prices change it will automatically adjust the price for you! Very important for dropshipping!
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Some of our INFINii members want a little more one on one help which is fine, and we can simply plug them ito our awesome INFINii Coaching program where they can select an eCommerce expert to help them in their chosen language.
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Affiliates or Partners to INFINii can also earn a significant income by promoting INFINii to the world
The INFINii Rewards Plan (INFINii Compensation Plan) offers 4 main ways to earn:
1. INFINii JumpStart Bonus:
Earn a 25% commission on the initial product purchase of all your personally sponsored customers.

2-1. INFINii MileStone Bonuses:
As soon as you reach the rank of Manager, Regional Manager, National Manager or Global Manager you automatically trigger the
Milestone bonus.

2-2. INFINii MileStone CheckMatch Bonuses:
When one of your Personally Sponsored Partners triggers a Milestone Bonus you will automatically trigger a Milestone
Check-Match bonus equal to 20% of Milestone earned by your sponsored partner. You also earn an additional 10% Milestone Check-Match when a tier 2 sponsored partner achieves a Milestone Bonus.

3. Infinity Pay:
Earn 10% commission on your total organizational business volume (BV) down to Infinity!

4. Infinity Pay Match:
Receive between 5% and 100% check match on the Infinity commission earned by your personally sponsored partners.

Although you do not have to recruit or sponsor people to earn with INFINii, if you do you can earn additional commissions that can pay you a very good residual income.

See INFINii Rewards Plan Video:


Even though the INFINii system is very easy to use, we are here to support you 100% by Phone, Email, Skype, FB etc. – We are here to make sure YOU succeed!

We currently have very successful INFINii Members in the following countries:
INFINii Australia
INFINii Spain
INFINii Germany
INFINii Israel
INFINii Canada
INFINii Brazil
INFINii India
INFINii Philippines
INFINii Asia
INFINii Russia and Ukraine
INFINii Hungry and Bulgaria

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Your endless “eCommerce” possibilities start today!​

George and Merrin Robinson
INFINii and DS Domination Founding Members


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