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Check out Credit Sesame here for free:
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  16. First of all stop swearing, 2nd you didn’t move your score 100 points in 30 days. Possibly in 90 days if you knew what you were doing but most people don’t. Also amazes me how it’s always the other “significant other” that “messed up my credit…” any “payment plan” is still going to show 30 day lates if anything below the actual payment is not made every month, called a rolling 30…and the person on the phone does not affect the bureau in any way no matter how nice you are or what you ask them to do. The point of an authorized user is the time they had the card. If they had the card for 5 years, you get all 5 years. But must be low balance card to be any benefit. With the credit cards you only need the low balances 30 days before the credit is pulled called the 30/30 Rule of revolving credit… with the 30/30 rule the number of cards does not matter. But yes good to not go crazy on cards… just don’t close your oldest credit card ever!! The highest scores I’ve ever seen are on people have credit cards over 10 years… the book will be out soon. Other than that its a decent video… $ean

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