Improve Your Digital Storytelling with Instagram Stories

Improve Your Digital Storytelling with Instagram Stories. Start here ➜
While the introduction of Snapchat into the social media world amused us for hours on end with its so-ridiculous-it’s-funny filters, Instagram had a new feature up its sleeve, ready to shift the game again. Its borderline obsessive popularity amongst the general public already put Instagram leaps and bounds ahead of most social media platforms. So when they integrated the coveted video feature, it was bye-bye, Snapchat, and hello, Instagram Stories. Slam. Dunk. Now it’s time to come up with some Instagram Stories ideas.

Let’s get started!

00:18 – Why is Instagram so important?
00:40 – How to utilize Instagram Stories for business
01:20 – What types of content can we create?
02:05 – Best practices for Instagram Stories

When it comes to engaging your retail company’s fans through Instagram Stories, experiment with ideas you’ve been considering and know that Instagram Stories gives you the freedom to post spur-of-the-moment instances and allow your followers to see a more human perspective behind your retail brand.

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