If you think like this you will never make money online – The Danger of Anchor Thoughts

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9 thoughts on “If you think like this you will never make money online – The Danger of Anchor Thoughts”

  1. It's obvious that G.C is painfully aware of how racism works, but he's made a conscious decision to not let that affect his success.

    So interesting that he mentions the Appalachian Mountain regions, because if you read Malcolm Gladwell and believe what he says, it can be surmised that the people who lived in the region have a poverty mindset that affects them to this day.

  2. ebay and amazon are dead if u weren't kicking ass in it years ago or if u don't have a unique item or an item that is better and cheaper in most cases…the new wave is shopify and running traffic….if ur not afraid of cold calling, that's getting popular too for $$$ I haven't looked into it.

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  4. i hate the testimonial folks, because even if 100k people buy a product people will be like i need to see some reviews. they are looking for 1 bad review to go yeah, i was right. nice video.

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