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20 thoughts on “HUGE SURPRISE + BIG NEWS!!!! (3 ANNOUNCEMENTS!!)”

  1. This is NOT a re upload! Only the intro is the same so don't click out 😉 LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! Also earlier Youtube wouldn't process my thumbnail picture it kept saying error so hopefully 3rd times the charm lol *fml

  2. Need a girls opinion with experience lol,
    Basically met this girl strongly feel like shes the one, but right now she has no time for a relationship or let anyone in. I want to wait for her am I crazy?

  3. 2:55 remind me of when I was a kid and had to get pulled out of school and go to a speech therapy school.
    Because I talked really fast and the only way to understand me was to record me speaking than play it backward.
    It helps a lot but I still speak "fast" but it to to the point ppl think I'm high on sugar & caffeine (my normal speaking speed) and ask me to slow down a bit or say it once again. Which sucks cause repeating yourself is annoying.

    When I am on over my limit of caffeine or sugar, lmao there no slowing down family and friends are like just text me cause I can't understand you are speaking way to fast.

  4. Loved this vlog! As a special education teacher I LOVE that you’re doing everything that you can for your son. Some parents ignore that their children need additional services and refuse to admit or be open about their child’s needs! Enjoying your channel thus far and newly subscribed after watching your “influencer tea” video. 🙂

  5. Hey Boss Babe I wanted to send you a recommendation for your son , because I remember you having trouble with him sleeping on his own in his room , I came across a study from a Doctor named Dr. Roger Callahan & his therapy is called meridian tapping you could actually apply this technique on your little one because it actually triggers meridian points on the person's body to eliminate phobias and fears , limiting beliefs and even physical pain there are actually numerous reasons why people use tapping . Keep in mind if you apply the technique for your son it probably won't take away his fear from the first time you do it , you'll have to continously keep on applying it until it diminishes his symptoms until he completely has eliminated it from his behavior .
    I hope you can consider this method do some research yourself so that you can be aware of what I'm talking to you about , I hope your son progresses from this condition. I also want say that I recommend this method for you and your son because your law of attraction videos give me hope and good insight from your personal experience , thank you so much for being a positive person in our world . PEACE AND HAPPINESS =)

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