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Makeup giveaway winner: @jamiladova
Congrats beautiful!!!

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-Black sunglasses:
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-Mallywood Collection:
-Nudie Patootie palette:

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17 thoughts on “Huge Makeup Haul | Life Update | Current Favorites | Chit Chat”

  1. All those palettes look so pretty. Who is Nicole? Don't hate. I am not too familiar with the people you know about. Jordan, you are one of the biggest channels I follow.

  2. I do want to buy Laura Lee's palettes. I read the hateful comments and they did not turn me off. I think her products Are super gorgeous and I love her personality. Congrats to your winner. I was not able to watch videos last week due to struggles in my family. Your eye makeup looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing your haul!

  3. Love u Jordan and love all your videos. If a few days go by and I don’t get a notification for a new video I go searching for you! Lol.
    Instagram: @Love2Dougie

  4. I totally agree with what you said about Melisa Michelle on how she doesn't get enough views, I love watching her videos, and I truly feel the same way about you; I've been following you since before 50K subs and I really enjoyed watching your content evolve throughout the years! You deserve double the amount of views you're getting, if not more, as you're sooooo genuine and we can all relate to you in some way or another!! I will keep coming back to your channel for every single video you'll post, and even if they don't show up all the time in my subscription, when I feel like I haven't heard of you in a few days, I come directly to your channel to catch up on what I've missed. I truly love youu <3

    I don't have Instagram but my twitter handle is @merioumm94, and email is

    P-S: I think you're absolutely gorgeous inside and out !!! Love from Montreal, Quebec 🙂

  5. IG @ jessirella11

    Yassss makeup haul!! Been watching you for like a year, love the content variety, but I especially appreciate that you're budget-conscious. Women are out there working hard and paying bills but there's no reason we can't look glam on a budget! Love your honesty. Love your message. Love your eyebrows 🙂

  6. I only order groceries online….best thing ever!!!!!! I really don't like going to grocery store. I love my Quay sunglasses. I first bought the large ones thinking they were too big for me…but I love love them. ordered the mini and like the bigger ones more!!!

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