Available here now!!!:
*Stay tuned for the end of the video for a sneak peak of the guide!! Email me with ANY questions or order questions at, put subject ‘Guide Help’ (PS Im having a horrible hair day lets ignore it lollllz)


My phone case:
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Staple products you see in my videos:
Resistance Bands (Great for pull up assistance + booty movements)
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How I lost 30+ pounds—-
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40960 California Oaks Rd
PMB #323
Murrieta CA 92562


*This video is not sponsored. Everything shown was purchased by me or gifted as PR if mentioned.


28 thoughts on “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!….”

  1. Just read the guide and here are my thoughts:

    1. It's a quick, easy read (about 10 8×11 pages). I've already read the law of attraction and this breaks it down even more and gives you clearer, more concise steps, so I think it's a great follow up product. Or honestly, if you don't have a lot of time but want to know more about manifesting and the law of attraction, it's a great product for that as well. I'm a fairly quick reader, and I read the whole thing in about 15 minutes. It's definitely more of a quick, how-to rather than a book. Which is nice if you're looking for a refresher or just a step-by-step guide.

    2. The language and writing style is really authentic. Her voice definitely translates, so if you're inspired by her or relate to her or look up to her, then it's great motivating tool because it's like a big sister or friend giving you advice. She definitely comes across as motivating and enthusiastic.

    3. The price isn't too expensive (only like ten dollars or so), and I'm happy to pay it because I know she spent a lot of time on it. This is her career, and as a subscriber, I'm happy to support her. But you can buy The Secret for about the same price, so for something that's a more short, straight forward guide, I thought it was a little pricey for what it was. Again, no regrets on the purchase. I'm happy to support and I do feel like I got something out of it, but just something to keep in mind.

    So basically, it was short, clear, and had a genuine tone. Mabe a little pricey depending on what you want to get out of it. But all in all, I enjoyed it and am definitely interested in her future endeavors.

  2. Been a sub for over a year now. So proud of all the accomplishments you've made in just the past 12 months. You're growing and it's inspiring ❤

  3. Hey sweetie, I had to buy your ebook because your work and life story is so inspiring. I have been using LOA for years- most recently to get a master's degree at the ripe age of 60 years old! Yes, you do have a few "older" subscribers. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You have a huge outreach and are a gifted mentor to so many people.

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