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Trafficivy is a traffic memberhip sharing and rewarding system. The system allows members to use the traffic ivy platform to get unlimited amount of traffic to thier sites. The system allows individual members to select and spend their traffic points on whatever content they wish to promote and also earn more point by sharing other members contents on their own social handles, websites and blogs.

hi and welcome to this demo for traffic iv. In this video I’m going to show you how to use the traffic IV platform to get traffic to your sites and also how you can unleash the power of traffic IV to get an unlimited amount of traffic as much as you like.

I’ll show you how traffic ivy that works in just a moment.

First up when you log in to your dashboard, you’ll see this here everything. Here is real-time statistics, so you’ll be able to see how many blogs are in our network, how many social media accounts are in our network. You know where the traffic is being delivered and all of that great stuff .

To create your own campaign you come over here to my traffic campaigns, click on create new traffic campaign, you simply fill in the details you’ll see all of these things here, this is going to be displayed in the traffic marketplace, then you can choose the type of content that you want to share.

You can choose to share an article on our massive network of blocks or you can post it up on a huge range of social media sites or you can upload a video or you can even add banner ads on to other people’s websites or blogs or if you like you can do a combination of all of them. So choose the one that you want to do first and set up that content. You can create article content which would include a title and then all of the content that you want actually post it on to people’s blogs.

So here you can add your own backlinks to your site’s, you can add your own banners, you can add anything that you like pointing back to your site, getting you a whole lot of traffic and once you’re done, click Next then if you’d like even more traffic. You can click social you can choose which platform you want to display your ads on and then go ahead and customize whatever it is you’d like people to share on their own Facebook, Twitter reddit pages, Pinterest and so on once you’re done with that click Next.

If you’ve got a video that you would like people to share on their network you can do that as well and upload your own video to be shared on different peoples YouTube accounts. so you upload a video and you can add whatever like to be added into the description here including your links to whatever it is that you want traffic to.

Once you’re complete upload your contents you choose how many points you want to spend on each campaign so in here I’ll share ten points and I’ll use a maximum of a hundred points and that means that ten people are going to share my site and they’ll be rewarded ten points.

My campaign is now available in the marketplace and that’s all there is to it my campaign is now created so you can go to the marketplace and you’ll be able to see what everybody else is seeing and sharing for you your content with all of your backlinks all of your affiliate links anything that you like is now available in the marketplace for people to go and share on their blogs their social media accounts or even upload onto YouTube

They’ll be able to come here simply click and share on their blogs and they’ll be rewarded and once they share you’ll get a breakdown of every link that’s been sent so you’ll be able to come over here and see exactly what is being shared and where it’s being shared you’ll be able to see all of your affiliate links your backlinks,

Evering that you’re planning on sharing and using the system for on a whole massive network of blogs plus to keep the quality of the content that is shared as well as the traffic that’s being received really solid and strong we’ve developed a rating system so you can come in here and rate and as a person that sharing contentif your rating is higher you’ll be able to actually earn more points and be rewarded for having better quality traffic so that’s how you’ll be able to use your points if you run out or you want more you can always just get more connect your assets including your Facebook account your YouTube account Pinterest Twitter reddit or LinkedIn or you can connect WordPress sites and share articles as well and then come over to the marketplace find really relevant content Sherrod’s to earn yourself some rewards this really is an easy solution that anyone can use to get traffic to their links to get eyeballs on their content and to really start getting more of what you want without having to invest a whole lot of time and thankfully without having to spend a lot of money

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