How To Use Intros – Grab Attention And Rank Videos Higher

How To Use Intros – Grab Attention and Rank Videos Higher
The Better Your Intro, The Better Your Video’s Watch Time And Audience Retention

There’s one key part of your video that is harming its ranking. Ignore it and you’ll continue to struggle to hit page 1.

This video identifies how to use video intros and why grabbing attention and increasing watch time and audience retention is a must.

Highlights from this video:-

We’ll learn exactly what an intro is and its purpose in helping your video to be seen by as many people in your target audience as possible.

Brian Dean of Backlinko fame says that the key, or one of the key metrics that YouTube use to measure the value any video provides is Audience Retention.

What’s Audience Retention?

It’s the average time that people watch your video for, often referred to as watch-time. For example, if the watch-time of your 5 minute video is watched, on average, for 3 minutes, then the Audience Retention rate is 60%.

So the key to ranking your video higher is to increase the watch-time and subsequent Audience Retention rate.

And the purpose of aiming to get a video ranked on page 1 for your main keywords is to massively increase your chances of people watching the video.

As a rough guide, about 90% of viewers don’t look beyond page 1 on YouTube and Google.

Now we understand the importance of ranking on page 1 for your main keywords, what is the one thing to do from the very outset the video starts playing?

Capture the viewer’s attention.

The attention time-span of people is about 5 to 10 seconds, and when you check your YouTube Analytics for any video, most will show an alarming drop off in those first few seconds.

The purpose of a carefully thought out intro will help combat this drop-off and increase the average watch-time of a video.

YouTube will then see an improvement in the Audience Retention rate on a video-by-video basis, and also in terms of your playlists and, crucially, your channel.

To position yourself as an authority in your niche, then your channel needs to reflect that, and improving your overall audience retention is a big step in the right direction.

Take the intro I’ve used for this video:

Did it grab your attention?

Did it convince you enough to continue watching the video?

Are you still watching this video?

In other words, the intro should convey to the viewer a reason why they need to continue watching.

To avoid confusion, the intro is not to be confused with the type of “intro” such as the all-singing, all-dancing musical animation that many videos start with, that sometimes go on for twenty seconds and more.

Firstly, they fail the 5 to 10 second attention time-span rule.

Secondly, in my opinion, these are time-wasters because they simply don’t have the attention-grabbing impact right from the out-set of:

1. Curiosity – your curiosity hook, that is, the reason for someone wanting to watch the video;

2. Losing out – what the viewer could be missing out on if they don’t continue watching this video; and

3. Winning – what the viewer can or will gain from watching this video.

A final tip – watch how the top Youtubers introduce their videos, and you will soon notice a pattern to their intros. Individually, the intros will be slightly different, but they all follow the same process.

And if it works for them, then it will work, eventually, for you!

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  1. Intros are VIP, however, if no one's clicking on your thumbnails, you're done! People DO judge a book by its cover. However, once someone's clicked, if your intro stinks or at the very least fails to collect, folks will bail. They're BOTH important.

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