How to Use HTML & CSS to Create Your Ebook & Make it Look Good: Simple Self-Publishing Part 10 Want to self-publish a book but don’t know how? Second Drafts will show you how to self-publish your manuscript.

When starting out in the self-publishing game, one of the biggest hurdles is being able to create an attractive ebook without a big investment of your time. This can be a burden because it usually requires knowledge of coding html or css, which can take time to even learn the basics.

In today’s how to video on Second Drafts, we go over how to use html and css coding to customize the look and feel of your ebook.

The biggest hurdle here is the ability to follow instructions, and copy and paste using your mouse. Seriously.

It shouldn’t be so hard to make your book look the way you want, and luckily it isn’t. You just need to learn the basics, and then from there it’s just copying and pasting (as well as a little trial and error.)

After all, the more professional your ebook looks, the more likely you are to be taken seriously in the publishing game.

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3 thoughts on “How to Use HTML & CSS to Create Your Ebook & Make it Look Good: Simple Self-Publishing Part 10”

  1. Excellent video. Very helpful. However, I have two questions that I can't figure out: I'd like the text to be justified rather than rag right. Also, I don't want a line space between paragraphs. Many thanks.

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