How to use concrete5 Theme Snippets – a Dreamweaver Extesnsion Package

We, Usagi Project, have created the extension package for concrete5.

It’s a set of codes that you may need when creating your original theme for concrete5 web site.

We put together the set of PHP codes that needed to be embeded onto concrete5 themes. So that you will only need the knowledge of HTML and CSS. No programming knowledge required.

We hope that you can create the wonderful concrete5 theme out of our Snippets Package.

*DISCLAIMER: Usagi Project is not affiliated with Adobe Systems, Incorporated. Adobe Dreamweaver is the product of Adobe Systems, Incorporated, and we used its logo according to their terms of use.


7 thoughts on “How to use concrete5 Theme Snippets – a Dreamweaver Extesnsion Package”

  1. I have created a HTML template and used CSS to call in the images and located them within my template I have also used CSS to set fonts and positioning of text area locations. Is it still possible to take your snippets example and create the concrete5 template.

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