How to turn your facebook personal page into a business page

Did you know that according to Facebook terms you can get your personal Facebook page deleted if you are using it for business? Why even go through that when you can just convert or migrate your personal page into a business page? I will show you how to do that through this video.

Links i mentioned in video can be found at:


11 thoughts on “How to turn your facebook personal page into a business page”

  1. Question, does this make the personal page disappear? Or does it create a business page for you and then you still have your personal page? I would like to keep my personal page.

  2. I've thought about doing this for a long time, but have hesitated because I wonder if I will still be a part of all the FB groups I am a part of. Some of the FB groups are really precious to me, and I don't want to lose my connection, because once I change my name I won't be able to gain access to them, as they are closely guarded closed groups. Do you know if my FB group memberships will be lost in this transfer process?

  3. Great job on the video I want to be able to put shoppable ads on my Instagram account and in order to do that I need a Facebook business page and amongst other things so I'm trying to work through all that Madness LOL this is my first step towards that process so thank you

  4. Great vid! Brief and direct .
    So here's my Q. I launched a 'page' back in the summer, only so I can enable my instagram account as a business account (You can only do that when you link your FB page along. Otherwise the IG page will just remain as a personal page).
    I'm a personal trainer in LA.
    So now I have 2 accounts on FB – my personal and the business PT page.
    However, my clients tell me that they are not able to 'check in' on my PT page. Is it because it's set as a 'page' and not a 'business page'? Very confused by this.
    Wondering if there's a feature that I have overlooked that will enable a 'page' to a 'business' page. .
    Does any of this make sense? lol
    Thanks again!

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