40 thoughts on “How to Turn a Dropshipping Store Into a Private Label Brand (Adding Your Logo to a Product)”

  1. hey @

    Gabriel St-Germain

    i wanted to know how can i look for an agent that will provide cheaper products and shorter shipping time in the US? Love the vids new subbie! very informative!!

  2. Wouldn't it technically be possible, to use both an agent and a fulfilment centre, so that the agent handles the negotiations and uses his contacts to get the cheapest products but then doesn't keep the inventory but rather distributes it to the fulfilment centres?

  3. I really wish there was a way I could private label with a low MOQ, because I have my mind set on having my logo on everything because as he said, it's establishes credibility and authority for your product and brand. I know there probably is a way I can do this, I just got to keep searching.

  4. i’m about to start up my new store. would i need a logo when i first start up my store or just don’t worry about it? wouldn’t it look weird if i order products and send them to the customers and they have no brand or some other brand on them?

  5. Hey Gabriel very helpful as always. I started doing as a drop shipper and then I turned to my own branded products. It has been working great for me because it gives my customers so much more quality and they keep on coming back. I added  new product line to my shop and it worked perfectly for me. I use this WMP eyewear brand and I am super happy with it!

  6. Very informative video as always. By the way, there is a product I want to buy on alibaba but I don't know where the original design is from. I've heard of people who had their listings pulled due to copyright violations. How do you avoid that?

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