How to Start a Restaurant and Be Successful – 3 Business Models to Study

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3 thoughts on “How to Start a Restaurant and Be Successful – 3 Business Models to Study”

  1. i was leaving work when it streamed and my phone died… so i had to come back and check out and be able to pay better attention!

    BTW… i was a cook when i found you glendon. I had just bought a few trailers and was renting them… and was ready to give them away because of all the problems i was having… I was burned out as a cook… then i made a pivot and became a waiter… for years i never thought I could do that because i didn't think i could deal with people… then I realized… if I was ever gonna do anything I dreamed of I was going to have to LEARN to deal with people… So i talked a former employer into letting me cook 2-3 days… then wait 2-3 days… Now I am a full time waiter making bank… While restaurant work has never been my dream… changing places in the biz has helped me to up my income while building my life outside the restaurant biz. Thanks bro!

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