How To Start A Podcast From Scratch 2019 Tutorial Equipment And Software

Learn how to start a podcast from scratch in this 2019 tutorial. Here is the best podcast equipment and software setup for beginners and how to set your podcast up for long-term success.

Podcasting done right will change your life and give you instant influence, power, and respect.

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✅Microphone (ATR 2100):

✅Pop Filter (Knox Gear):

✅Shock Mount (Knox Gear):

✅Microphone Stand (Neewer):

✅Headphones (Tascam):


✅For editing:
Mac: Garage Band:
PC: Audacity:

✅Skype Recorder:
Mac: Ecamm Call Recorder:
PC: Pamela For Skype:

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My name is Zachary Babcock and I spent over half a decade in prison. I turned my life around after missing the birth of my twin sons to become a responsible father and entrepreneur. I am obsessed with leveling the playing field for underdog entrepreneurs by helping them turbocharge their lead generation and customer acquisition without the bull.

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40 thoughts on “How To Start A Podcast From Scratch 2019 Tutorial Equipment And Software”

  1. I truly thank you for sharing your insight and encouragement. You really took your time and really showed the way you got going. You can't lose for helping others, sir. You really helped me tremendously! Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Zach B, I loved what you brought to the table. You are genuine and a true teacher. Thank you, great tools but your voice was Platinum. You are going to blow up and I'll have a front row seat.

  3. Thanks a lot for the advice Zachary, Imma watch the rest of your videos to see if you talk about video editing. My big question now is how to go about separating or editing video and sound to be able to upload video episodes on Youtube as well as audio for podcast. Your video was super useful. Love your work <3

  4. Incredibly insightful! Thank you for sharing the clip on how to use garage band. I’m currently dreaming and scheming up a future podcast. It seems so overwhelming, but like you said “You don’t know what you don’t know.” I know who I want my audience to be, and I know what the podcast is going to be about BUT narrowing it down to a one sentence description …hmmm . I talk too much and want to give all details. I’ll need to think on this to portray that clearly and precisely when the time comes.

  5. What’s up Bro, I’m glad I found your video I’m getting ready to start a podcast! I’ve also been to prison 22 years, but I’m thriving! I want to share what’s working for me, and all of the many stories, about my experiences and how I think people can definitely learn from! So any advice!

  6. Great video Zachary. I had to go away from GarageBand and go over to Reaper because when it came to recording the audio and being able to Sync it with video GarageBand doesn't record in 48 kHz only 44.1 kHz so the audio will start slipping in your video which will look like a bad dub. Most video audio is recorded in 48 kHz or higher. Just a pro tip I ran into early. Keep up the great work!

  7. What an inspirational video ! As a female immigrant that has a lot of obstacles I’m not gonna let shit stop me. All my equipment is in my amazon cart and built as i go. I have a lot to say on so many subjects so thank you !

  8. I found your video to be very insightful and informative you have made me think about how to articulate more thoroughly my concepts from your video. You have inspired me to pursue this mew arema. I look forward to your helpful videos. THANK YOU.

  9. I need to record 2 people with 2 microphones, I one end of the microphone's XLR to XLR cable into the USB interface. Plug headphones into AUX, and what next? How do I connect the audio interface with my PC? How do I record from both mics separately?

    I've got a mixer and a amplifier, which I have no clue what to do with. Can someone help? I'm using Windows btw, not Mac OS.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I am starting up a podcast and using your direction step by step. I would highly recommend your podcast series to anyone wanting to start a podcast!

  11. Good job bud! I worked in prisoner re-entry. Do you do any work with people transitioning out of incarceration? Your efforts are right on par with the types of opportunities that are available, and could certainly work, in terms of income development for people transitioning out of incarceration. Prior to the web; and unique user platforms, there were very limited opportunities for people transitioning out of incarceration. The few options they had were culinary arts and environmental services, however, with a little support, someone who has been silenced by way of incarceration, or societal repression, and is driven, can find their voice through these means you have demonstrated. It is pretty extraordinary to move someone from silence and despair to hope. Keep up the good work Zachary!

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