How To Start A Pay Per Call Affiliate/Lead Gen. SEO Business in 2019 ($50k-$100k year As A Beginner)

Matt Wacek goes in depth to teach you how to start your own pay per call affiliate and lead generation SEO business from absolute scratch in 2019 and scale to $50k-$100k+ per year.

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My Story:
I’m a digital marketing entrepreneur (built & sold my lawn/landscape/snow business from 2011-2016) documenting my journey of growing my marketing company and sharing my daily life to show what’s possible with internet marketing.

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27 thoughts on “How To Start A Pay Per Call Affiliate/Lead Gen. SEO Business in 2019 ($50k-$100k year As A Beginner)”

  1. You are better of using FB ads, there is no way you can get into the top 10 for even the midlevel keywords, buying links, building PBN's, buying content for your PBN's hosting and al that jazz

    Then you have to wait at least six months before you see some ROI if it ever comes, but you are already a view 1000 dollar on the hole, i know cus i have done it.

    Local SEO isn't worth it as a main business, nobody can wait 6 months to see if there is going to be a ROI or not.

  2. #MadeIt Liked. Subscribed. Going to watch all your videos! Thank you so much for laying out the entire process in one place and summing up all the bits and pieces I have been slowly gathering on this topic for the past YEAR via other gurus' sites and channels.

  3. How do you sell the site for 20x the profit? – I assume You'd have to promote affiliate offers first to show them the profit/revenue being generated. Or you flip it based on traffic esimates?

  4. Hi .Quick question. Im not sure how area codes in Usa work. If I get a number for 1 offer that is in several states but number has lets say (872) that is Illinois and I advertise to all the states supported will people in other states not want to call or think its not for them due to that "area code" number ?

  5. Please subscribe to my channel. I am a guy who is really bad at studies only you tube can make my living cause I am only gamer with no other talents. So I request you to please subscribe my channel. It's like giving 10$ to a begger. I need hope.

  6. Hi Matt
    May I ask you about opinion
    When you are looking for the city, to build a ppl site, (home improvement niche such as remodeling), what minimum of traffic should your number one competition site should get?

    In order to make sense to get in

    Do you consider 100 visits to number 1 site is okay?


  7. I just thought of an idea while watching this and wonder what you think. My plan has been to research literally hundreds of thousands of keywords of a few different top paying local niches (niche + city/state/county keywords) and hopefully find a few lower competition ones I can work with. I then wanted to build the sites, get them ranking and phone calls already coming in, send some free leads to local companies and then convince them to pay for my future leads.

    But now I was just thinking, what if once we actually get the site ranking and bringing in leads, after selling some leads to other companies and prove we can deliver many customers, why not just build out our own actual service business in the niche since we already have customers? So for example if we are sending leads to a lawn care company, we could just hire our own employees, buy some equipment, trucks, establish a brand, etc.. and be in business. It's like starting a local service business but doing it backwards whereas we get the rankings and customers first before actually having a running business. Then just sell the whole business in the future.

    It would obviously take more work after we get ranking, but would it be worth it is what I am wondering? Would selling a full running business as an actual real local service sell for more money than just selling a website which generates leads for other businesses?

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