How To Start A Hair Extensions Business & Make 6 Figure in 2019

Hey Money Gang! I’m hosting a Hair Extensions Business Masterclass in New York City on September 8 and I’d love to connect with you LIVE in person.

Here’s a link to tickets: See you soon!” How to make money selling hair extensions // How to make 6 figures selling hair extensions in 2019.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to sell $100,000 in hair extensions in a year.

In this video I break down the math and the path you’ll need to take to build your side hustle in the hair extensions industry to 6-figures.

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33 thoughts on “How To Start A Hair Extensions Business & Make 6 Figure in 2019”

  1. Hello Charlo,

    I’m reaching out because I can’t seem to find the option on for the consultation regarding the e-commerce drop shipping store. Please provide me with information on how I go about this issue of mine. I understand you’re very productive so I’ve reached out to each media of yours. My goal is to launch my website September 15th.

  2. @CharloGreene are you still affiliated with this program? Is this an e-comm business? Since it say No Label on your website, does that mean I could rename by business whatever I prefer? Lastly, does hair come from a manufacturer or distributor? Thanks so much! I am truly interested in this business…

  3. Charlo urgent question! there is a company by the name of nobelexstensions claiming that your their owner both online and on Instagram! they even have an Instagram page which says that you're their CEO! give us some clarification on this, please? are you their owner? are they just using your name and pictures to fool us making us think that you're their owner? I am getting confused!

  4. News anchor, hunh? Well that makes sense. You've got a great, commanding, energetic personality. I'm very interested in this, something that hopefully takes low overhead cost with high(or at least worthwhile and profitable) return.

  5. Hello. I'm interested in joining the "dropshipping" program. I checked the website out and of course I joined. Can u give me an estimated price I may be spending to purchase the hair to dropshipp? Thank you

  6. I literally was just speaking of this and I found her by looking up on how to make wigs because I want to start my own wig and extension hair business and this is beyond perfect I already signed up for it I have a dream and I definitely want to succeed and get a piece of this 9 billion dollar industry pie yes indeed.

  7. Its absolutely amazing seeing a black woman wanting others to grow with her. Like I said, I live in Italy, but we are sis and I would really love to work with you and be monitored by you. You are just like an alabaster box trying to pour into others because, the blessing and impartation are in the pouring out.

  8. If I don’t wear weave will people still buy from me? I mean do I need to put a weave in to get people to buy because I don’t like weave but I’ll sell the shit out of it, and can I get people to buy the weave online and then I order it from you?

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