How to staple your headshot and resume together |Acting Tips & Tricks|

Today is a very simple lesson on how to achieve the same size headshot and resume! It can be difficult to figure out how to do this but once you’ve got it you will never look back.

Always remember to follow your dream.

Fidelia Grace

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9 thoughts on “How to staple your headshot and resume together |Acting Tips & Tricks|”

  1. wow there are great thank u! Was about to submit w out this! You're great 😀
    Since im sending 2 headshots can i attach my cover letter to the other?
    I was going to send shots w the stats written on the back, is it better to attach this to the back? Thank you

  2. Awesome video!!! I'm an actor too and make acting videos as well so its cool to find other actor channels. Your headshot is so beautiful. I can't wait to check out more of your videos. I just subscribed… check out my channel when you get a chance =)

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