How to Set up your SHOPIFY STORE

Hey yall! Here is Episode 3 on How I started a business with a $500 budget! This video I show you how I add products on Shopify, tips on choosing variants when you dont have a lot of inventory and how to set up payment.

It might be helpful to watch the videos in order:
EP 1:
EP 2:


37 thoughts on “How to Set up your SHOPIFY STORE”

  1. I have a question in regards to pre-orders. What if you don’t get enough ppl to purchase the pre-order outfit to buy the pack of clothes? Do you just email them saying you had to cancel their order because… how do you deal with that without losing credibility?

  2. GIRL ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK! I don’t think you understand how much this helps people trying to start there own business. Thank you! thank you so much I genuinely appreciate you making these videos

  3. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS SERIES. You are definitely an angel for blessing us with alllllll this information and for free. May God continue to bless and multiply your territory ❤️ much success to you beautiful

  4. Can you make a video about how to then market on social media? Getting people to the website is difficult or at least keeping them there to purchase (I sell yoni steam blends not clothing so it’s really about building trust with my client base but I’m hoping you have tools that can be similarly used)

  5. Although I have a high-end Shopify store now, I sure wish I would have had this information back a few years ago when I had a physical store set up on Wilshire & La Brea next to Subway in my old neighborhood soon to be new lol. I think it's a toy store there now but I would've done much better if I would have just looked into Shopify then and could have saved me a lot of trouble. So convenient to just hop on the purple line or the 720 to downtown and get what I needed. Great video and keep being awesome!

  6. Really needed these videos I’ve followed you for her longest when I found out that you shopped at Friday’s beauty supply in Compton back when you had your blonde curls. But I’m trying to start a business and this really helped me !!!!

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